Tricks for a Sustainable Halloween

Tricks for a Sustainable Halloween

If you read our previous blog, you already know how scary plastic waste can be, especially when it comes to Halloween! Instead of just feeling spooked by the facts, we came up with our favorite solutions to help you have a more eco-friendly fall celebration.


Upcycle Your Costume

This option is not only more sustainable but will also save you some cash!  Instead of going out and buying a costume that you will probably only wear once, try to buy clothing that you would also wear outside of Halloween. If you can’t find all of the necessary pieces in your wardrobe, hit the thrift store! They always stock up on gently used costume essentials during Halloween. A new survey found that the average American will throw out 81 pounds of clothing every year. While 95% of used textiles can be recycled or reused, 85% end up in the landfill. When you are ready to retire this year’s costume, make sure to return the favor and donate it back to the thrift store.


Candy. It’s a Halloween staple! We’re definitely not here to tell you to give out fruit or raisins, but instead, pass out more eco-friendly options. Unfortunately, candy wrappers are not accepted by most municipal recycling facilities because they are made of mixed materials and are often contaminated with food waste. But if you are willing to put in a little extra effort, TerraCylce has a program that will make sure that all of your candy and snack wrappers get recycled. You can also avoid plastic candy wrappers completely and pass out boxed candies like dots, milk duds, junior mints, or nerds.


Think Local 

Carving Pumpkins is essential for any Halloween celebration. When looking for the perfect pumpkin to carve, make sure to support your local farmers, or even grow your own! Once you get to carving, make sure to invest in a nicer carving set that you can reuse from year to year instead of those plastic handled carvers that always seem to snap! Instead of tossing those pumpkin guts into the bin, make sure to roast the seeds and compost the rest! 40% of all food gets tossed and ends up in the landfill. Not only does food waste take up space in landfills, but it also doesn’t biodegrade as quickly as it would in a more oxygenated environment like a compost bin.


Reuse and get crafty!

When it comes to decorations, don’t buy more if you can help it!  If you absolutely need to buy something opt for sturdy items that you will reuse year after year or natural items like mini pumpkins. Get crafty and reuse cardboard boxes to make tombs for a graveyard, or old stocking for spider webs. If you are an avid DIYer, Pinterest has 100’s of creative ideas that are more sustainable and fun for everyone! You can also find more great DIY waste free decorations here.