Spooky Facts about Plastic Pollution

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s time for horror movies, haunted houses, and pumpkin spiced everything! To get in the spirit of Halloween, we put together the most bone chilling facts about plastic pollution that are sure to give you a fright.


Not so fun facts about fun sized candy

Over 30 percent of trash in the U.S. comes in the form of packaging, which includes those fun sized candy wrappers that we buy in bulk during the Halloween season. Most candy wrappers are not recyclable because they are made of mixed materials, and are considered to be contaminated. Americans buy nearly 600 million pounds of candy a year during the Halloween season. That’s a lot of candy wrappers that are going straight for the landfill… Or worse, the ocean!  


Plastic Oceans

Every minute one garbage truck of plastic is dumped into the ocean instead of into the landfill or recycling. Even when your trash does make it to the bin, plastics never break down and instead leach harmful chemicals into the environment and water supply.


BPA does what?!

We’ve all heard of BPA, but do you know what this chemical was actually intended for? This chemical was first used as a hormone replacement for women, and a growth hormone used in cattle. Now BPA is typically found in plastic products that regularly come in contact with your food and drinks! Chemicals like BPA mimic hormones and have been linked to birth defects, cancer, and learning developmental issues in children.


Your bottled water probably comes from the tap

People often reach for bottled water as a cleaner and safer option. But up to 40% of the bottled water you drink is actually just taken from the municipal water supply, making it no different than the water from your tap. Not only are you unnecessarily using a plastic bottle but, this water also is likely to contain microplastic particles. Luckily, FloWater’s 7x Advanced Purification system removes up to 99% impurities, including microplastic!


Filling your car with gas is cheaper

A liter of bottled water can be three times as expensive as a liter of gas. The average price of gas is $3/gallon while the average price of a 1 liter bottle of water is $2.50. If you filled a 15 gallon tank with gasoline would cost $45. To fill the same 15 gallons with bottled water, it would cost you a total of $150!  


Feeling Spooked? Next week we will be sharing our favorite tricks and treats for a plastic free Halloween!