The Importance of Commercial Water Filtration

The Importance of Commercial Water Filtration

Did you know that 74% of companies with revenues of $1 billion or more have found clean water to be an increasing priority in the United States?1 Another study revealed that 87% of Americans find clean water to be the most important natural resource (even above clean air).2 This is likely because water is at the center of everything we do and how well we can do it. It’s what keeps us active, healthy, and mentally well.

As one famous Slovakian proverb expresses, “Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.”

Commercial water filtration systems, in particular, deliver filtered water on an industrial level – allowing large volumes of purified water to reach large groups of people. This in turn, provides communities with more access to safe and clean water via municipal government, schools, hotels, corporations, fitness facilities, retail stores, and more.

For more insight into the significance of a filtered drinking water in commercial settings, here are the most important benefits to consider.

Health and safety

Health and safety concerns have been a prominent topic around the world, especially following the pandemic and the light it has shined on the importance of taking care of yourself. In America, there has been a strong transition into improving everyone’s safety, health, and wellbeing. At the center of this conversation has been clean water.

In recent studies, sustainable and safe drinking water has been highlighted as not only a vital component of daily functions but as a preventative for various health problems.3 A few noted in the report included cancer, cardiovascular health, and effects on children’s health such as neurodevelopment. While drinking water is monitored and regulated throughout the U.S., the study found that there was still room for improvement.

Enter: FloWater.

Making it one of the top coworking amenities tenants want post-Covid, FloWater offers a safer and healthier solution to tap water by reducing Lead, Mercury, and Arsenic levels in your drinking water. The ultimate solution, FloWater has a Touchless Water Dispenser that allows drinkers to access water with a tap of their foot instead of touching areas several other parties have touched. This keeps the area sanitized and reduces the spread of Covid-19 and other germs/illnesses.


Along the same lines as health and overall wellbeing, hydration plays a vital role in your everyday functions. Some effects of dehydration reported in an academic study include:

• Physical performance

• Cognitive performance

• Higher risks for delirium (which is presented as dementia in the elderly)

• Frequent headaches

• Reduced organ functions

• Chronic diseases, and more.

FloWater’s commercial water purification system not only makes your tap water taste better to encourage more hydration – it inhibits some of the most important electrolytes your body needs to be hydrated: potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium. These are the typical electrolytes found in sports drinks and certain bottled waters to help athletes and others replenish these essential minerals to increase hydration.

Now you can benefit from them in the convenience of your office with a tap of your foot and a reusable container.

Incredibly, customer research has found that FloWater has led to 76% of people drinking more water, 77% switching to refillable containers, 54% eliminating the use of plastic bottles, and 54% reducing their consumption of other beverages.

Environmentally-Friendly Solution

Becoming more environmentally conscious in everything we do has become a staple for every business.

First and foremost, customers have become more environmentally conscious when choosing what companies to support. Statista reports that 45% of consumers stated that they were only interested in finding brands that were environmentally responsible and sustainable.6

Likewise, employees are also prioritizing these values when accepting or leaving a position. In fact, G&A Institute says that as many as 70% of job seekers say they would choose a company with a strong environmental agenda over other opportunities.7 What’s more, they even said they’d take a pay cut to do it!

FloWater protects the planet one step at a time by eliminating single-use plastic bottled water and encouraging more people to use refillable containers. Since plastic releases harmful chemicals into our soil – contaminating groundwater and other water sources in the area and, by default, those who drink it – it is essential that businesses, residential homes, communities, etc., take the next step towards a cleaner, safer planet.8

Industrial water filtration systems are an important next step towards making a significant difference and beneficial impact on the environment. After all, Sadhguru said it best, “Taking care of the environment is not an obligation. Our environment is our life.” And every small success matters.

Tastes Better

Perfect for any coworking office floor plan and other commercial spaces, FloWater can make drinking water much more enjoyable. Offering a cleaner and more crisp taste – much like natural spring water – staff, visitors, students, and more, can trust that they’re getting all the benefits of the best bottled waters without the environmental and health risks of drinking out of plastic.

How is this possible?

With seven filters in place, our Touchless Water Dispenser captures excess minerals and odors and filters them out. Each step plays a strong role in eliminating particles and contaminants of varying sizes and forms, creating a cleaner and more refreshing taste in every sip of water.

This is significant because the average number of water filters in a typical system is only three, only consisting of a polypropylene filter (removes large sediments), an activated carbon filter (removes chlorine and other chemicals), and a filter for heavy metals.9

FloWater’s 7x Advanced Water Purification ensures the system is reducing these impurities to the best possible degree. In fact, it removes up to 99% of impurities often found in tap water and can confidently say it reduces lead, mercury, and arsenic to undetectable levels.

Performance Benefits

Whether you’re running a successful business or setting the pace for our future by educating students, water quality plays a substantial role in the productivity and efficiency of the day. Sufficient hydration gives drinkers more motivation and energy and helps them think better. This, in turn, allows everyone to be their best and most productive selves.

In fact, one study found a strong connection between hydration and cognitive performance. When participants were dehydrated, they experienced negative effects on energy, short-term memory, tiredness, reaction times, and alertness.10 On the other hand, rehydration improved short-term memory, fatigue, reaction, attention, and energy.

Another study adds that dehydration is likely linked to mood and cognitive performance because “water accounts for 75% of brain mass” and “makes up about 60-70% of human body weight.”11

Industry Leaders Count on FloWater for Commercial Water Filtration

Some of the biggest leaders in business – Google, Target, Club Pilates, EA, Microsoft, Playstation, Redbull, etc. – are counting on filtered water from FloWater to keep staff and visitors healthy and hydrated. The modern-day water dispenser has become a popular resource for business water filtration for its 7x Advanced Water Purification:

1. Sediment – our first filter, the sedi-carbon filter, begins the process by removing all the dirt, dust, and split impurities that frequently exist in your commercial tap water and pipes.

2. Carbon – our second filter removes unpleasant odors and smaller particles (such as radon, chlorine, heavy metals, etc.), giving the pure water its great taste.

3. Advanced Osmosis – FloWater’s Advanced Osmosis filtration system is the third filter. The purification process removes any remaining contaminants that may be in your tap water, including bacteria, lead, fluoride, viruses, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and more. More importantly, it is five times more efficient than any other solution on the market.

4. Activated Oxygen – the fourth filter in this water treatment process adds small amounts of O3 (activated oxygen). This sanitizes the internal system and tank, resulting in removed impurities, a better taste, and more oxygen in the water for your blood and muscles.

5. Alkaline – the fifth filter, also known as the alkaline filter, introduces a proprietary blend of trace minerals to the water to raise pH levels in your tap water. This aids in neutralizing the acidity in your body caused by unbalanced diets and stress. It has also been known to relieve the added stress of getting rid of acid on your organs.

6. Electrolytes – much like the important electrolytes you’ll find in popular sports drinks, FloWater’s purified water is packed with potassium, magnesium, calcium, and sodium. All of which are essential to good hydration and energy.

7. Coconut Carbon – using elements straight from nature, the final filter in our water purification system is the coconut carbon filter. It is made of real coconut husks that are known to find and absorb contaminated particles, eliminating odors and unpleasant tastes.

Be a part of the many businesses prioritizing clean drinking water within commercial settings and start today with FloWater. Say hello to the newest innovation in clean water technology that is the perfect addition to your commercial space.