Let’s change the world together!

We are on a mission to change how the world drinks water. Concerns about tap water quality have led to a plastic epidemic through the rise of a multi-billion dollar bottled water industry. Enter FloWater. We completely transform tap water into the World’s Best-Tasting Water – while eliminating single-use plastic bottle waste. Interested in joining our mission? Please see below for opportunities to join our Team!

Get to Know Us!

  • People
    We are passionate, tenacious and unrelenting in everything we do. Our differences bring creativity and value, our commitment to doing the right thing keeps us moving forward. If you like to work hard and make a difference want to change the world, we want you on our team!
  • Product
    The Complete Transformation of Tap Water doesn’t happen by chance. Meticulous research, unwavering commitment to quality, and our dedication to democratizing water for all quenches our thirst for creating the best water solution available.
  • Planet
    Collectively, we are on a mission to save the planet. If that seems too grandiose, that's exactly our intention. Protecting our waters from plastic pollution and removing harmful toxins and impurities from your drinking water is what drives our passion.

Perks & Benefits

We want you to enjoy life both in and outside of your meaningful work.
  • Paid Time Off
  • Health & Wellness Benefits
  • Paid Holidays
  • Option Grants
  • Planning for the Future
  • Inclusive Community

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