The Top 9 Coworking Amenities Tenants Want Post-Covid

The Top 9 Coworking Amenities Tenants Want Post-Covid

COVID-19 has turned the approach people once took to work on its head: They used to be accustomed to driving back and forth to their office, working long hours, and skipping exercise-sometimes even sleep!-during that process.

After spending months in isolation, folks are realizing that their health truly is paramount, so they’re making sure they spend each and every moment they can tackling their health and fitness goals, meditating, and sanitizing their working environment.

Additionally, 70% of the population prefers to work from home, so there’s that: These days, most people only want to return to the office for social reasons!

1. Clean Air

During the pandemic, a lot of us had a chance to reflect, and we realized how dirty the air is in many places we frequent.

This was not only an environmental concern for many, but also a health scare; everyone is being extremely cautious about their physical and mental well-being these days because no one wants to get sick!

“[People] want peace of mind around health, especially after the PTSD that the last nineteen months have instilled in many of us. The conversation around airborne pathogens and proper air filtration has circulated so much that a building’s HVAC system went from being basically unnoticed to a key component in the minds of occupiers. Even back in 2019, 50 percent of employees surveyed said that better air quality would make them happier at work.”1 -Propmodo

It might be a good idea to put an air purifier in your coworking space so to make for a welcoming environment and set peoples’ minds at ease.2

2. Green Spaces

A lot of folks have rekindled their love for the outdoors over the past two years because they simply were not left with a great deal of choices when it came to recreational activities.

Understandably, people are missing the freedom they experienced when they were home, and an increased level of appreciation for the natural world has resulted.

Adding plants to coworking spaces can create a haven for the freelancers who frequent it. Greenery provides an excellent aesthetic compared to a traditional office space and purifies the air simultaneously.

“When it comes to office amenities, Occam’s Razor still applies. “While expensive workplace wellness programs like gym memberships seem luxurious,” says Van Doren, “they’re also underutilized by employees. Green spaces are one of the least expensive and most impactful commercial building amenities.” Space, especially outdoor space if possible, is a powerful tool to foster engagement, so much so that outdoor space is the most sought-after amenity in a post-pandemic world, for both office tenants and landlords.”3 -Propmodo

Remote workers have really enjoyed being able to go for a walk of their own accord while working from home, so having the same option at their favorite coworking space is often cherished.

Not only do green spaces appeal to potential tenants, but they also provide a myriad of health benefits.

“Incorporating greenery into your office building has more benefits than just aesthetics. Indoor plants are proven stress relievers. Just incorporating a living wall in the office helps purify the air, improve acoustics, and provide psychological comfort. Implementing a space that features greenery and access to nature can be vital to nurturing healthy interactions between team members.”4 -Propmodo

There’s something about having sprawling greenery in the office that just seems to bring out the past in people. Many practitioners of Feng Shui even believe that plants foster productivity.

3. Smart Office Technology

Pretty much everyone and their dog are terrified that they will catch germs from handling a frequently touched doorknob or forgetting to wash their hands one too many times!

If you can incorporate smart technology that allows people to unlock doors with their phones, this will likely ease everyone’s minds.

4. Private Office Suites

First of all, nearly everyone prefers to work alone—and focused—on projects that they alone are responsible for, so having a peaceful, serene workspace to foster their productivity can honestly make a world of difference.

On top of this, working alone in an enclosed space as opposed to a shared workspace provides tenants with a capsule of safety from catching other peoples’ germs: A priority for many. Even better if employees each have a dedicated desk space, further reducing the spread of nasties.

“Providing access to private, carefully managed suites allows tenants access to the technology and privacy needed to work while offering an extra layer of safety through monitoring who and how the space is used.” –Nelson Worldwide

Incorporating private office suites into your community coworking space will likely lead to a stronger bottom line at the end of the year!

5. Clean Drinking Water

A need for commercial water filtration exists more than ever and incorporating filtered water into your coworking office plan is a no-brainer. 

When folks work for a long time, they often suffer from dehydration. It’s extremely inconvenient – not to mention wasteful! – to go out and buy plastic water bottles from the nearest store, and drinking from a water fountain poses an unnecessary risk. That’s why it’s so important to have a refillable water station in your coworking space.

People are becoming more environmentally minded, and they are taking small steps to preserve our beautiful planet.

Our Touchless Water Dispenser comes with all the bells and whistles you could ever wish for:

• Touchless water refills thanks to our FloWater foot pedal

• Advanced filtration systems that result in the most deeply nourishing, delicious, and pure form of water

• High-capacity: Each Refillable Water Station holds 7 gallons of purified water at all times, which is available on demand!

We are proud of our product because we are helping people reduce waste when it comes to using plastic bottles.

There are even some additional advanced features that people really enjoy:

• Fast auto-replenishment

• Rapid filtered water dispenser

• Fits any refillable container

• Clean and self-sanitizing

• Extremely energy efficient!

• Has an innovative (and fun) design!

• Keeps water at the perfect refreshing temperature.

• Our Refillable Water Station contributes to environmental preservation because people use fewer plastic bottles

• Equipped with an internal drain

• Has a small carbon footprint

• ADA Compliant

6. Bicycle/Scooter Storage Room

These days, a lot of folks are terrified of taking public transportation because they don’t want to catch the coronavirus, which is still a problem, even though policies have changed, and the rules are not quite as stringent as they once were.

On top of this, a lot of people are realizing just how much trouble we are in environmentally speaking, so they are opting for bicycles and scooters whenever they can: Doing so saves them a pretty penny and contributes to a cleaner tomorrow.

If you want to be a company that encourages environmental sustainability in a myriad of forms, offering a storage unit for bicycles and scooters could potentially attract more tenants.

7. Larger, Open-Concept Coworking Spaces

Most of us have been isolated so intensely for so long that we simply enjoy spending time around other people and hearing the sound of voices in the background, even if we are listening to total strangers: It just feels nice to be out and about.

For this reason, it might be a good idea to provide an open-concept shared office space where folks can sip on their morning lattes and work on projects amidst others, feeding off of the inspiration in the air.

Of course, the caveat is that people do not want to be forced to sit too close to one another, so it’s probably a good idea to offer seating that is appropriately spaced out.

8. A Gym With A 24/7 Cleaning Service

Unsurprisingly, nearly everyone is prioritizing their health post-COVID-19: People are taking morning jogs, and fitting in strength-building workouts whenever they can.

Many have turned to yoga to cope with the stress of the pandemic. In short, a lot of folks have started some sort of exercise regimen before the pandemic, and they are looking to maintain it.

The problem?

Most of us simply feel like there are not enough hours in the day to complete all of the tasks on our seemingly endless to-do lists!

That’s why offering tenants a gym would likely be a major selling point: First of all, people often have to pay exorbitant fees for standalone gym memberships, so you’re providing a great deal, especially if you’re offering them reasonable rent. Secondly, having a gym in your office space is extremely convenient, so it could potentially motivate even the most addicted workaholic to actually make time for self-care. Thirdly, there will likely be fewer people using the gym simultaneously because this space is primarily meant for work.5 Win-win.

9. Free Tea And Coffee

Most of us are caffeine addicts at this point: It’s the beverage of the masses for a reason, and we spend way too much of our hard-earned money on it!

Offering tenants free tea and coffee is a great way to attract them to your coworking space, so that you can save them the trip to the coffee shop down the street.

Better Solutions For A Better Co-Working Experience

With so many innovations and amenities to consider when designing your coworking space, one non-negotiable is access to clean drinking water. Look no further than FloWater and lead with the mentality of a cleaner, greener tomorrow one refillable water bottle at a time. In fact, our Refillable Water stations have saved 378,124,166 water bottles (and counting) so far!

We want to offer people pure water that nourishes their bodies on a deep level while preserving this beautiful earth, and we believe our refillable water station is an enormous step in the right direction to accomplishing both.