Health Benefits of Activated Coconut Carbon

Health Benefits of Activated Coconut Carbon

The use of activated coconut carbon delivers several health benefits due to its ability to draw out toxins from the air and water. Activated carbon is more commonly referred to as activated charcoal since that’s one of the main sources. However, this process can use other types of raw material for carbon, such as olive pits and coconut husks. 

To use activated coconut carbon, it must be heated to a high temperature to change the makeup of the coconut husk’s internal structure. Through this activation process, it makes the surface of the raw material more porous. It traps chemicals and toxins found in water and results in fresh, purified water without any lingering odor or taste. In addition to providing cleaner water, it also: 

  • Reduces gas in the body
  • Works as a poison antidote
  • Helps with healthy kidney function
  • Improves oral health

An advanced water system that has a coconut carbon filter adds another level of purification so you can feel healthier about what you’re drinking and easily incorporate it into your daily diet.

Provides Cleaner Water

Although there are many purported health benefits, there are only two that are supported by scientific studies. The first is water filtration and the second is the reduction of gas in the body. Cleaner water is available via activated coconut carbon that’s used to remove metal particles and chemicals from tap water, which often still includes sediment and other contaminants. As the last filtration of FloWater’s seven-step process, activated coconut carbon provides a final assurance that the water dispensed is crisp and clean.

Reduces Gas in The Body

Certain ingredients, such as sugar and lactose, may trigger gas and bloating, which can be uncomfortable. To help alleviate these symptoms, activated carbon traps gas molecules without being absorbed into the body. Depending on how often you are experiencing excess gas, a combination of dietary restrictions and the use of activated carbon may help with gut health. It’s a remedy that may work in the short-term but may need a more lasting solution to keep under control.

Works as a Poison Antidote

In emergency situations, activated carbon may serve as an antidote for a drug overdose by reducing the amount of drug absorption in the body. The effectiveness depends on the type of poisoning and how soon after activated carbon is administered. Although it’s not a new antidote, it works on a case-by-case basis and isn’t considered a surefire way to handle all poison cases. 

Helps With Healthy Kidney Function

The kidneys already serve as filters for the body. However, for individuals who struggle with kidney problems, it may be more difficult to eliminate toxins. The use of activated coconut carbon may prove useful in certain cases under the direction of a physician. Activated carbon attracts toxins to help rid more from the system. With this added level of filtration, it may help boost kidney function. 

Improves Oral Health

One of the most popular uses of activated carbon is in toothpaste. People use activated carbon products as a teeth whitener and a way to help balance the pH levels in the mouth to reduce acidity on the enamel. Some toothpaste brands now include activated carbon as a key ingredient. It can also be used by dipping a wet toothbrush directly into activated coconut carbon or powdered activated charcoal and swishing it around in the mouth for a few minutes before spitting it out into the sink.

How Activated Coconut Carbon is Used

In water purification methods that use activated carbon, it’s placed after the initial filtration process. It takes the purified water and removes the remaining dissolved organic compounds. The FloWater purification process follows seven steps that end with a coconut carbon finish, making it the best way to filter water. 

  • First – Sediment Filter: Used to catch all dust, dirt, and solids that are found in tap water
  • Second – Carbon Filter: Removes small particles, such as chlorine or radon, in addition to unpleasant odors and tastes
  • Third – Advanced Osmosis Filter: A semipermeable membrane filters out bacteria, lead, pesticides, and other contaminants
  • Fourth – Activated Oxygen Filter: Sanitizes the system and tanks to remove further impurities
  • Fifth – Alkaline Filter – Adds a blend of minerals to raise the pH and balance acidity levels
  • Sixth – Electrolyte Filter/Enhancement – Provides valuable electrolytes in the water that may have previously been filtered out
  • Seventh – Coconut Carbon Filter – As a post-filtration finish, activated coconut carbon is used to capture any last particles

Incorporating Activated Coconut Carbon in Your Daily Life

Activated coconut carbon can play a significant role in leading a healthy lifestyle. The easiest way to incorporate it into your everyday life is by drinking water that has been filtered with it. Although tap water has gone through its own treatment process, it doesn’t always mean it’s the best potable water. Depending on where the tap water comes from, it may still have traces of chemicals, metals, and other pollutants that are detrimental to your health. 

Through the filtration of organic materials like coconut, activated carbon eliminates final traces of contaminants and odors from the water for a delicious taste. Since hydration is one of the key components of good health, why not drink water that has been transformed in the best way possible? After all, your body deserves the best of the best types of drinking water.