Ordinary water transformed into the world’s best-tasting water

FloWater is the best-tasting, most purified water on the market, delivered without any plastic waste.


Best-Tasting Drinking Water

Using the newest water filtration system technology in our water Refilling Stations, FloWater transforms tap water into purified water that tastes and hydrates better than anything in a single-use bottle, delivered into any refillable container. FloWater now offers a touchless water dispensing option making it the cleanest safe drinking water which gets rid of unwanted contaminants available.





Protecting the




7x Advanced Water Purification

FloWater’s 7x Advanced Purification uses your existing water source and removes up to 99% of any impurities that can be found in typical tap water. Then, FloWater’s purified bottled water system improves the water with trace elements of essential minerals and electrolytes, and finally, finishes the water through a coconut carbon filter for a crisp, fresh, delicious taste.

Filter Stages

Catch dirt, dust and solid impurities

FloWater’s first filter is a sedi-carbon filter that sets 7x Advanced Purification in motion. This water filter removes dirt, dust, rust and suspended solids from the water by catching any solid impurities, contaminants, or substances that might exist in your tap water or pipes. Our water filter system ensures you have a dependable water supply that provides clean cold water, and hot water. This ensures that you are always drinking the most natural water with natural minerals for that crisp refreshing taste.


Remove smaller particles, odor and unpleasant taste

The carbon filter removes smaller particles such as chlorine, radon, hydrogen sulfide, heavy metals, and other harmful contaminants. This important second filter in the 7x Advanced Water Purification process helps give FloWater its great taste by capturing and removing odors to produce pure water without any unpleasant taste.


The new standard for premium purification

The third filter is FloWater’s Advanced Osmosis filtration system. A semi-permeable membrane in the AO filter removes remaining contaminants like fluoride, bacteria, lead, viruses, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, and dissolved solids. This water filter sets the new standard in premium water purification, and is 5x more efficient than reverse Osmosis systems or anything else on the market. It is a very strong filter that not only cleans the surface water but goes in-depth to provide beneficial minerals. Don't accept contaminated water and get FloWater as we deliver fresh/clean water for your water bottle when you need it! It will taste as if it's coming from a natural source from the mountains.


Natural sanitization for better water

The multi-functional fourth filter adds small amounts of activated oxygen (O3) to the water. Activated oxygen sanitizes the tanks and internal system by using a naturally occurring molecule to remove impurities, which is formed when the third oxygen atom is introduced to O2 (oxygen). O3 also increases the oxygen in the water that’s available for your blood and muscles, and, it helps improve the taste of the water.


Trace minerals to neutralize acidity

FloWater’s alkaline filter adds a proprietary blend of ten trace minerals to the water, raising the pH level of the water coming from your tap. The higher pH levels of Alkaline water can help neutralize acidity in your body (which is caused by daily factors like an unbalanced diet, environmental impurities, and stress). By neutralizing acidity, healthy drinking water is created that can relieve some of the stress on your internal organs (which must work extra hard to get rid of acid). Always feel secure knowing you are getting top-notch water quality from FloWater.


Essential electrolytes for healthy hydration

Electrolytes are essential in supporting healthy body functions like immune defense, cell repair, and bone strength. The four main electrolytes in FloWater’s filtered water (magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium) are the same electrolytes found in sports drinks, coconut water and brand name bottled water. Drinking electrolyte water helps keeps you hydrated and energized.


The final touch - crisp, fresh taste

This unique seventh filter finishes the water purification system with elements that come directly from nature. It’s made of real coconut husks, and is one of the reasons FloWater’s filtered water tastes so great. Coconut husks are highly efficient at capturing and absorbing tiny particles of contaminants, as well as removing odors and taste – this filter is another reason FloWater always tastes crisp, fresh, and perfectly clean when you drink it. Additionally, our purification system will ensure you don't have to drink hard water and that its tastes like natural spring water. Get your water purifier for office and have healthier/happier employees today!


Free 14 Day Trial

Try FloWater today for your business. If you don’t want to help the environment and eliminate the plastic bottle with your Refill Station after 14 days, we’ll pick it up for free. That’s it — no fine print. If you would like a FloWater Refill Station for your home, click here.

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