Clean Water For Schools – Its a No Brainer!

Clean Water For Schools – Its a No Brainer!

Healthier Students, Sustainable Schools

With a new school year comes new goals for students, including drinking more water! Water is an essential factor in the equation of academic success! Years of research have found that drinking enough water can improve concentration, balance mood, and reduce stress, while more recent studies have exposed the negative side effects of sugar to the brain (think sugary beverages like soda and juice). Some of these negative effects include impaired memory, and even anxiety and depression. These facts are pushing schools to encourage drinking water instead, and in some cases ban sugar completely.


Getting Healthier is no brainer, and clean drinking water should be too!

Schools are encouraging students to drink more water, but are making one huge mistake.

They are not offering clean, sustainable, healthy water. Instead, they are offering tap water through conventional drinking fountains that may be contaminated with lead and other nasty chemicals.


Schools have a water problem…

Did you know that only a few San Francisco school districts have tested their water for lead?  An article by the San Francisco Chronicle found that among the school districts who have taken advantage of the free testing, one in five found water with lead levels that exceed the federal standard. Lead can cause irreversible brain damage, and is obviously much worse than sugar.


Don’t go reaching for that plastic bottle!

Many schools are turning to plastic bottled water because it seems to be a cleaner and easier option. Not only is bottled water up to 2000x the price of tap water, it’s also not as clean as you may think. Of all of the bottled water in the US, 40% is taken from municipal water supplies. That means that these companies are pouring the same water you get from your sink into a plastic bottle that will eventually sit in the landfill forever. Even if the bottled water you purchase is from a different source, microplastic particles have been found in more than 90% of bottled water. Furthermore, it’s a hassle! Purchasing cases of water each week, distributing to various classrooms, and determining how many bottles each student gets is a time suck. Wouldn’t it be nice and convenient for each student to refill their bottle on demand whenever they were thirsty? That’s where FloWater can help.

99% of contaminants removed

The solution is not in the plastic bottle but in the Refill Station! FloWater Refill Stations transform ordinary tap water with minerals and electrolytes into the world’s healthiest and most sustainable water. Our 7x Advance Purification Process strips tap water of all of its contaminants and then supplements it with minerals and electrolytes resulting in a clean, and refreshing alkaline drink! Thanks to FloWater’s great taste, schools with FloWater see an increase in students choosing water over unhealthy options like soda or sugary drinks.

Want FloWater in your school? All you have to do is ask! Contact Us today!