Hydrus Award Winner: Q1!

Hydrus Award Winner: Q1!

The Hydrus Award Program recognizes FloWater employees for their above and beyond contribution to the company, their practice of our code of conduct and other values! FloWater appreciates the strength in our teams and will continue to encourage and support efforts in building a high performing workplace!


Q1 Hydrus Award: Vanessa R.


Vanessa is driven by community. Her joy truly comes from being thoughtful and delivering a brilliant experience both to customers and her fellow team members. This approach to work and her life is why she was nominated and awarded the Q1 Hydrus Winner. She’s a critical thinker, and fosters such poise and intentional communication in a way that both clients and colleagues cannot help but be drawn into her vibrant energy. She establishes rapport through her caring, energetic and connected work ethic and is why at FloWater, we feel very lucky to have her on our team. From the ground up, she was the sole reason why FloWater now has deployed over 100 Refill Stations in the Oakland Unified School District. Accounts such as these, that highlight her strategic and personal touch is why she is so respected at FloWater.

  • What is your favorite sustainability tip?Don’t waste food. Our food systems require an immense amount of resources and labor. When I can’t finish my meal at a restaurant, I pack it up and offer it to a person without shelter. When I’m going out of town, I’ll give away my perishables beforehand.
  • What is your favorite part about working at FloWater?The on-going learning environment and the ability to impact health at the community level.
  • What inspires you?The vision of a world that works for everyone. It takes building bridges. You don’t have to agree with someone to respect them.
  • What three traits define you?Resourceful. Open-minded. Loving.
  • What three words describe FloWater to you?Pioneering. Energetic. Connected.
  • How has FloWater helped in your career development/ What have you learned while working for FloWater. I’ve learned that Sales is more about listening than speaking. I’m awake to the critical plastic problem we have on earth. I’ve experienced how a good mentor can support my growth. And I’ve seen that my commitment grows the more I connect to my team and customers.
  • Describe yourself using emojis!    ✨????????????????????????‍♀️????????????????????????????????⚡️????✌????