How Purified Water Stations Are Changing The Retail Shopping Experience

How Purified Water Stations Are Changing The Retail Shopping Experience

Today’s retail landscape is changing in large part due to the surge of online shopping. However, many people still prefer to shop in-person; they just expect more from their experience than before. It’s common for them to make it an all-day affair and tackle multiple stores in one trip. Because of this, it’s important for shopping malls and individual retailers to cater to the customer at every level. One way of spicing up the shopping experience is by implementing a service water dispenser.

Shoppers are prone to head straight to their go-to places first. Because of this, store owners always look for ways to increase foot traffic for a longer period of time rather spent in store rather than have people pass by or quickly continue on to the next shop. The addition of a purified water station is a strategic way for retailers to delight customers and show them some extra hospitality. This type of amenity can change the way people view stores. A place where customers can fill up their reusable water bottles with fresh water feels like a small treat. This helps to motivate them to linger longer, therefore improving the customer’s overall shopping experience from the very beginning. Although providing clean and safe drinking water within a store may not be a top priority, it is a valuable resource that can set any retailer apart within this congested industry.  

In today’s modern world where everything is shared on social media, the details make a difference, good or bad. Any extra comforts give consumers more of a reason to come make a purchase in store rather than order an item online. Many outdoor malls can make it uncomfortable for shoppers who are in the sun for too long and need a water break. As people become dehydrated, they quickly lose energy and focus and therefore, will leave stores earlier than anticipated. 

Many people may get “hangry” while they shop but dehydration can quickly cause bad moods too. Choosing not to add a purified water hydration station for your shoppers means a missed opportunity in the overall customer experience, which ultimately translates to a loss in sales. Offering a water dispenser not only provides consumers with clean drinking water, but FloWater also helps to eliminate pollution of bottled water. It’s better to be remembered for standing out above the rest rather than get lost in the fray or underdeliver. A purified water station is a surefire way to maintain the elevated standard people come to expect during their shopping experiences. You want your customer to be comfortable and open to making a purchase in your store. They’ll welcome the hospitable gesture, appreciate the sustainability efforts, and have a positive response to your store.

Reasons Why Shoppers Will Love a Purified Water Station

The element of surprise entices customers, especially when it involves something that’s free, healthy, and makes them feel good. A dispenser for water is perfect for shoppers who want to stay hydrated without spending extra money. It’s one of the many reasons why people will respond well to this addition and consider returning again and again.

It’s Free and Convenient

Incentives are nothing new when it comes to retail. Free gift with purchase, buy one get one free, this type of language, no matter how small, always rings true for customers. It’s one word they like to hear when shopping. Regardless of how much money they spend, the subconscious feeling of a freebie makes shoppers happier. It also provides a convenience for people so they don’t have to head to the food court or search for a water fountain nearby. A hydration station calls attention to a shopper’s overall comfort level and speaks the shopping language they want to hear. Those are two important things that will make them stay in the store longer.

It’ll Make Them Feel Better

Between the crowds and confined areas, shopping can be exhausting. As dehydration sets in, it can lead to headaches, stress, and shifts in mood that doesn’t make a person want to stick around for long. Sometimes all a person needs is a cool drink of water to perk up and make them feel recharged. With a drink from a purified water station, shoppers can enjoy purified water at an optimal temperature of 42° and feel instantly invigorated.

It’s Viewed as Hospitable

Fancy stores often offer a glass of champagne or a coffee while shoppers browse because they want each guest to feel welcome and well taken care of. While not all shops have a need for the bubbly, the offer of a refreshing drink makes any person instantly feel more comfortable. Rather than rushing around looking for the best deals and furiously flipping through racks, shoppers can feel more relaxed and take their time looking through everything a store has to offer.

It Makes a Sustainability Statement

Due to the ongoing problem of plastic pollution, many people carry reusable water bottles and have decided against using plastic water bottles altogether. A nod to this cultural shift lets customers know you are aligned with their values about the planet. Consumers are concerned about where their products are sourced from and take into consideration whether brands practice sustainability. Providing an eco-conscious solution such as a water refill station shows customers you care about protecting the environment.

It’s a Nice Surprise

Although purified water stations are gaining speed, not many people are readily expecting to see one the next time they’re shopping at their favorite store. By offering this as an amenity, it’s like a small token of appreciation to those who support your establishment. It’s also a way to engage with customers to hear about how they like the addition and invite them to take a break as they are shopping. The experience then becomes more interactive without the pressure to buy.

Benefits of a FloWater Refill Station

Innovation mixed with a high-end design and thoughtfully applied details makes this a purification water station like no other. It’s simple to use and more sanitary than any water fountain or water cooler. Additionally, the sleek design of the station is sophisticated yet simple, not to mention fuss-free. There are several benefits this purified water solution offers, which makes it a best-in-class experience for every person who gets the chance to use it.

First, FloWater’s Water Refill Station holds seven gallons of purified water at all times and the stainless steel tanks are automatically refilled every time the water is dispensed. That means cool, freshwater constantly streaming for everyone that passes through the store. It only takes 9 seconds to fill a 24-ounce bottle, which is 45 seconds faster than your average water fountain or water cooler. Customers won’t have to wait in a long line to fill up their containers and can always rely on a crisp taste. 

Second, the water dispenser stays cleaner than other water solutions, partly due to the recessed dispense nozzle and hidden catch tray and partly due to the activated oxygen filter that provides chemical-free sanitization for the system. Also, with the internal drain system, you’ll never have to empty the drain tray or worry about mold from standing water. No messes and minimal maintenance is a bonus for everyone.

Third, the design is energy efficient with features like LED lights, sleep mode, and an internal monitoring system to keep FloWater running at ultra-low operating costs. It takes up minimal space and can serve high-volume locations, plus it meets ADA touch compliance. And, no need for plastic water bottles. It’s as good for the environment as it is for the people who use it. 

Finally, you use water that’s already available to you to transform it using a seven-step filtration process. Each filter has been designed to purify the water, remove odors, and improve the taste. Installing a water refill station is made easy by the fact that you don’t have to hook it up yourself. A certified FloWater technician comes out to set up everything, including changing the filter when necessary. The most you’ll likely ever have to do is wipe down the front panels at the end of the week to keep the station looking in tip-top shape.

What Makes The Water Taste Pure and Crisp?

Shoppers want what’s free, but they want what’s quality, too. They already have access to water via fountains, vendors, and restaurants located in larger retail areas. Each place has its own draw. Water fountains are free and convenient. Bottled water typically tastes better than tap and seems more sanitary. And restaurants offer a place to sit awhile, although it’s likely you’ll be spending money on food too, which can end up being costly. 

Even with all of these options, it’s not the same as the water that’s been repeatedly purified to reach the ultimate in taste and quality. While tap water is often safe, it’s quality may not be regulated and most people do not like the taste. The benefit of a FloWater Refill Station is that it offers guests a free, convenient place to fill up their water bottles in a sanitized space without the cost of buying anything extra. It addresses the advantages of the other alternatives with one advanced solution.

FloWater’s 7x Advanced Purification ensures delicious-tasting water that is 99% free of impurities. Each step in the process is designed to remove all traces of contaminants and add electrolytes and minerals to improve the quality of water. 

  • Step 1: The sediment filter catches dirt, dust, heavy metals, and solid substances that might exist in the tap water or pipes. 
  • Step 2: The carbon filter removes smaller particles like chlorine and radon and captures odors and unpleasant tastes.
  • Step 3: The advanced osmosis filter is responsible for removing any remaining impurities like pesticides, dissolved solids, and bacteria often still found in other filtered systems. This filter is five times more effective than anything else available on the market. 
  • Step 4: The activated oxygen filtration sanitizes the tanks and internal system by using a naturally occurring molecule to remove impurities. It also increases oxygen in the water available for the body’s blood and muscles.
  • Step 5: The alkaline filter adds ten trace minerals perfectly blended to raise the pH level of the water, which helps to neutralize the acidity in the body, subsequently relieving stress on the internal organs. 
  • Step 6: The electrolytes enhancement adds magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium to the water, much like in sports drinks and coconut water, to help with hydration and to keep you energized. 
  • Step 7: The final touch delivers the crisp taste that results from a unique filter made of coconut husks. These natural husks absorb tiny particles and remove odors to promote clean-tasting, ultra-purified water.

Each step complements the other and results in water that tastes better than what you’d experience anywhere else. It elevates the standards and turns a free drink of water into more of a treat.

Happy Shoppers Equal Satisfactory Reviews

Every part of the shopping experience is important. The way a store looks, smells, and even sounds can all affect how long shoppers stay or if they decide to return for another visit. Although a store can’t have a taste in the literal sense, thoughtful touches can leave a good impression for someone who is coming into your store for the first time. Who doesn’t want a chance to fill up their water bottle when they’re shopping and get a cool, delicious taste that surpasses what they’d pay for at a convenience store?

All of the little sensory moments a customer has added up to one overall experience they’ll write about in a review or share with their friends or family in person. Attention to detail is important and what you offer customers is no exception. Whether that’s lighting a scented candle, playing soothing sounds over the speakers, or giving free fill-ups at your purified water station, it all ties into how a person thinks and feels about your store. 

These details and customizations that speak to shopping preferences are what keep retailers relevant in today’s world. Happy customers lead to complimentary reviews which will entice others to join the store experience as well. Although there are only so many deals and free goodies you can offer, adding a unique user experience goes far and is sustainable when executed in the right way. 

Think about what your customers want and what you can do to give them a boost from a long day of shopping. Sometimes it really is as simple as offering a glass of water. The in-person touches that you add and the way you treat your customers in-store is something they can’t find online. For this reason, they’ll continue to visit just to see what you’ll have for them next.