Celebrating One Year of Clean Water in St Michael’s Special Needs School


Celebrating One Year of Clean Water in St Michael’s Special Needs School

Our friends at St. Michael’s Special Needs School (SMASE) in the Navajo Nation have been living with contaminated, undrinkable water for many years. They were forced to be reliant on bottled water for nearly everything. In June of 2017, in partnership with Dig Deep, we installed five FloWater Refill Stations in classrooms, group homes and kitchens on campus. In celebration of our one year anniversary in St. Michaels, we wanted to reflect on this inspiring opportunity to use FloWater filtration technology to help those in need!


In 1970 St. Michael’s Association for Special Education (SMASE) was founded and remains the only special education school in the Navajo Nation. Their philosophy is founded on the ideals of assisting each student to reach their full potential to live their happiest life.


In 2014 the school ran into a dangerous problem.

The water from their taps was contaminated with a foul smell and off color. Their only solution at the time was to turn to bottled water. Costing $2,944 per year, SMASE was spending $1.6 per gallon of water, while the average cost of tap water in the area is 15 cents per gallon. Water used for basic needs, like drinking and bathing, and critical procedures, like cleaning equipment and administering medication, was all coming from bottles. Employees at SMASE always had to be overly conscious of not using too much, because their resources were always extremely limited.


After hearing how St. Michael’s was forced to rely on an overly expensive and unsustainable source of water, we knew that we had to help! In partnership with Dig Deep, FloWater was able to install five Refill Stations across the campus giving students and staff clean and free flowing fresh water.


“It was a great feeling. Giving one of my students medication for the first time, using our new freshwater knowing that I was just freely taking it and I didn’t have to worry about bottles or how much was left. Being able to provide my student with clean, safe water for his medication.”  -Jessie Gross, Teacher


Dig deep is still working to solve the larger water problem in all 26 buildings on campus, but FloWater was very happy to help make this immediate impact by providing highly purified water to St Michael’s students and staff.



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