The Future of Office Hydration

The Future of Office Hydration

Office life has changed to say the least. As the U.S. continues to battle the coronavirus pandemic, it’s left companies scrambling to stay compliant, healthy, and safe. While essential businesses and workers haven’t slowed down since the start, other office workers have pivoted to work remotely as a way to stay relevant and profitable while sheltering in place. With all these changes, what can we expect for the future of office hydration? 

The goal is to provide a regular supply of filtered water that is dispensed safely and with proper social distancing protocols in place. The days of germy water fountains and single-use plastic water bottles may be coming to an end to make way for a sustainable, minimal contact option. FloWater provides a solution that supports office hydration through its technologically-advanced refill stations and fresh water supply

Now more than ever, it’s important for workers from all industries to maintain their health through regular hydration, proper nutrition, and daily exercise. The future of office hydration requires improved sanitation, social distancing measures in place, and as little maintenance as possible for offices that have limited staffing. 

Several of the water dispensing features of the refill stations are already designed with sanitation and safety in mind. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the need to provide cold, filtered water on-demand for employees to maintain health, wellness, and comfortability.


Improved Sanitation with Touchless Water Dispensing

The FloWater Refill Station has a recessed dispense nozzle and touchless fill button to maintain a cleaner, more sanitary dispensing area. Less contact means less germs. Water fountains easily become grimy with limited room to fill up a water bottle or larger container. And, options like office water jugs or other water dispenser machines typically require greater handling to fill up. 

The front panels of the station’s sleek design are easy to wipe down between uses. Additionally, the station’s hidden catchment tray limits dirt and grime, while activated oxygen provides chemical-free sanitization for the stainless steel tanks and internal system. The less you have to mess with a water system and still get a quality product is best for keeping people hydrated while limiting contact.


Rapid Fill and Fast Auto-Replenishment for Social Distancing

Social distancing is made easy through the station’s rapid fill and auto-replenishment features. With our filtration system, cold water is dispensed in nine seconds for a 24-ounce bottle. That’s 45 seconds faster than the average drinking fountain or water cooler. This means less time at the refill station, which helps to prevent lines from forming. With such fast dispensing, it keeps people moving through quickly. By placing social distancing stickers on the ground, as people wait for their turn to fill up, they can still stand at least six feet apart. 

Each time cold water is dispensed, the tanks are automatically refilled with cold, fresh, filtered water. There’s no need to switch out large plastic water jugs or reorder cases of plastic water bottles. This allows everyone to use their own container to fill up, since the fill area fits all sizes, reducing the need for plastic and giving every person the same quality of water every time. Fewer deliveries and reduced plastic waste requiring pickup helps to maintain best practices recommended to prevent the spread of Covid.


Little to No Maintenance to Support Staff Availability

Many officer workers and businesses have not returned to regular operations, and there’s no indication they will anytime soon. On the other hand, essential industries, such as hospitals, grocery stores, and delivery services are working overtime by providing frontline assistance during the pandemic. Since each company is unique in its staffing availability, it’s important to have a hydration station that requires little to no maintenance to sustain healthy office hydration regardless of how many people are present.

For companies that have furloughed employees or work with a remote-only staff, having an energy-efficient system like FloWater makes sense once employees begin to trickle back in. Although the majority of people may have been forced to work from home, there are still key roles that may need to physically check-in to an office space. Fortunately, LED lights, sleep mode, and an internal monitoring system keep FloWater running at ultra-low operating costs. 

Alternatively, for businesses with nonstop operations, it’s equally important to have a hydration station that requires minimal maintenance in order to fulfill the needs of many, quickly and efficiently. The office water filtration system holds seven gallons of purified water at all times, making sure your staff is getting proper hydration at all times. The innovative design requires nothing more than a quick wipe down of the front panels to maintain the cleanliness of the surface. Plus, most FloWater customers require a filter change only once a year, limiting contact and a need for anyone to monitor the drinking water station.


Maintaining Hydration by Staying Agile

If there’s one thing Covid-19 has forced everyone to do, it’s staying agile. The changes regarding closures and health compliance on top of everyday business operations have led many companies to get creative with their traditional and non-traditional office spaces. This has led to the increased use of a hands free water dispenser to help reduce the spread of germs and other viruses.

Restaurants have moved their dining room outdoors. Gyms host bootcamps at the park and social distancing workouts in parking lots. The good news is that FloWater is available to supply chilled, filtered water to a crowd, making it easier for businesses to adapt to their changing environments. While large gatherings aren’t currently taking place, a growing number of indoor businesses are making their way outside and require a steady stream of fresh water to provide to their patrons. With FloWater, we make it easy for you to provide proper hydration to your employees and staff members.

The availability of a water refill station makes people more at ease on all levels. From a sanitation perspective, it meets the needs of social distancing and cleanliness upkeep without having to contribute to the problem of plastic waste. Plus, it encourages the use of personal water bottles and containers rather than shared pitchers or a stack of cups that may easily become contaminated.

Whether a person has to physically go into an office or their “office” is a restaurant kitchen, hospital room, or hotel front desk, every scenario requires a solution that can meet mandates as well as provide a comfortable atmosphere for employees and guests.


Filtered Water On-Demand for When You Need It

With shipment delays and the desire to avoid as much personal contact as possible, having an option like FloWater provides a built-in solution to provide fresh, filtered water to your office staff whenever they need it. The advanced purification process transforms tap water by passing the water through seven filters, each designed to improve its quality. 


Purifying Tap Water 

The first three filters purify tap water by removing sediments found in the originating source and pipes, smaller particles, such as chlorine and hydrogen sulfide, and miniscule contaminants like viruses and bacteria. It removes 99% of all impurities from the water and is five times more efficient than anything else available on the market today. 


Improving the Taste

The next three filters focus on improving the water’s taste. Once everything is stripped from the water, it’s time to add back essential minerals and electrolytes. In the fourth phase of filtration, small amounts of activated oxygen are added to the water, making it available for your blood and muscles. This also helps to naturally sanitize the tanks and internal system. 

Following this process, a proprietary blend of essential minerals enhance the water to raise the pH level. By neutralizing the acidity in your body, it helps to reduce stress on your internal organs that suffer from acid buildup that comes from an unbalanced diet and environmental impurities. 

After the activated oxygen and alkaline enhancement phases, electrolytes are added to the water as well. Magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium enhance the water to support immune defense, cell repair, and other healthy body functions. Electrolytes help keep you energized and hydrated without any sugars or artificial additives like found with sports and energy drinks. 


Delivering a Crisp Finish

As the final flourish, the coconut carbon filter delivers the refreshing, crisp taste FloWater is known for. In addition to providing purified, enhanced water, it has to taste good, too. By using real coconut husks, any last particles, odors, and tastes are captured and absorbed, leaving nothing behind but cool, delicious-tasting water.


Experience Uninterrupted Office Hydration 

It’s nice to find an area of steadiness in a time of heightened uncertainty. The benefit of FloWater is that it’s already designed for offices across all industries to keep employees properly hydrated without the need for ongoing maintenance, deliveries, or concern of running out of a filtered water supply. 

As businesses continue to adapt and come up with ways to function during the changes required during the pandemic, access to purified water will always be essential. FloWater provides a greater level of sanitization that dispenses water in a hurry with minimal upkeep required. 

Rather than adding another item to the list that must be changed drastically in order to work, FloWater makes life a little bit easier for business owners as they determine how and when they’re going to open up their offices and welcome back employees and clientele. The future of office hydration is already available and can seamlessly become part of what we now know as the new normal.