The Touchless Water Dispenser makes clean look cool

Our Refill Station technology transforms tap water into the world’s best-tasting, most purified water, that’s delivered on-demand and eliminates the use of plastic bottles.

Cleaner Water

Providing the Cleanest Water Possible

FloWater’s touchless Refill Stations are revolutionizing how water is being dispensed in offices, hotels, gyms and more. By incorporating an easy-to-use foot pedal, users can gain access to purified water without spreading bacteria and germs by using high-touch buttons or levers.


Great-tasting water is now hands-free and hassle-free

Corporate office spaces, schools, fitness centers, and other public settings are surrounded by shared surfaces. And since people need to stay hydrated, sinks and water dispensers are some of the most-used appliances.

With our touch-free water dispenser, establishments can share space without sharing germs. The FloWater drinking water dispenser provides delicious, purified water without the possibility of cross-contamination — just press the convenient foot pedal to start the hydration process. Designed to fit both small and large water bottles, it’s easy to keep a reusable water bottle refilled throughout the day.

Take care of your employees. Take care of your customers. And just as important, take care of your planet. Get your Touchless Water Dispenser today.

FloWater’s touchless water dispenser in action


FloWater: the World’s Best Water—totally touchless

delicious taste

Touchless simplicity

Our foot pedal operated water dispenser is easy to operate and totally touch-free, so you can keep your hands clean. Attach it to any FloWater Refill Station for convenience and ease.

improved hydration

Serious sanitization

Hydration isn’t the only key to staying healthy—a foot-operated water dispenser decreases contact with shared surfaces, thereby minimizing the potential spread of bacteria and viruses.

planet friendly

Worry-free hydration

With a totally touchless system, users can keep their cool and their peace of mind, knowing purified water is coming straight from a safe, touch-free water dispenser.

groundbreaking reverse osmosis purification

Groundbreaking purification

Not only are surfaces free of contamination but the water itself is, too! With FloWater’s Advanced Purification system, you can rest easy knowing your water is free of 99.9% of all bacteria, heavy metals, microplastics, and contaminants.

oxygenated H2O

Oxygenated H2O

Take a load off and take a deep breath. Activated oxygen in each FloWater Refill Station further protects you against everyday bacteria and viruses.

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FloWater is the best-tasting, most purified water on the market, delivered without
any plastic waste. Try FloWater for your business.

How It Works?

Your new favorite water dispenser,
no instruction manual necessary

Quick, Construction-Free Setup

You don’t need to hire a professional or waste precious time interpreting confusing instructions. Our Touchless Water Dispenser requires minimal setup, so people have access to refreshing, purified water in under an hour.

Advanced Purification System

Water is not always as clean and clear as it looks. That’s why all of our Touchless Water Dispensers include an Advanced Purification system, serving up some of the cleanest, purest, most refreshing water in the world.

Foot Pedal for Hands-Free Dispensing

The water is contaminant-free, and a user’s hands should be, too. A hands-free water dispenser allows people to avoid the pesky germs and bacteria that can live on shared surfaces like sinks or water coolers.

FloWater’s Touchless Water Refill Stations are perfect Additions to:


Ultra-Rapid Water Dispensing

Say goodbye to tedious water dispensers that test your patience. FloWater Refill Stations offer ultra-rapid dispensing, filling bottles up to five times faster than those old water coolers most people are used to.

Seven-Gallon Capacity

When you’re responsible for hydrating a high-capacity environment like a school, corporate office, or special event, you can’t afford to run out. FloWater Refill Stations can store up to seven gallons of water, keeping everyone satisfied and hydrated.

Activated Oxygen

FloWater Refill Stations amplify the power of the natural elements to provide you with pure water that will fuel you through your busiest days. Activated Oxygen—in addition to our Advanced Purification System—fights bacteria to deliver refreshing, potable water.

Cleaner water and a cleaner world is right here.

FloWater Refill Stations are designed to deliver the world’s best water in any environment.

  • Easy Integration

    Put away your toolbox! Setup of our freestanding units requires no construction and very little time, effort, or ongoing maintenance. You’ll be going with the flow in no time.

  • Super Speedy Refills

    Our ultra-rapid dispensing mechanism fills large bottles in under 10 seconds—2 to 5 times faster than your average water cooler—so you don’t have to waste valuable time waiting in line to refill your bottle.

  • High-Capacity Reservoirs

    No need to worry about the well running dry. FloWater Refill Stations hold nearly seven gallons of purified water with no lag time between pours, so there’s more than enough to go around.

  • Compatible in Any Setting

    No matter what industry you serve, guests and workers need to stay hydrated to stay on top of their game. FloWater Refill Stations work wonders in schools, gyms, offices, hotels, and beyond to replace your faulty water dispenser.

  • Increased Hydration

    FloWater protects from choosing high-sugar, high-caffeine beverages and protects the planet from harmful plastics. Data shows that FloWater users drink 2–5 times more water and use 80% fewer plastic bottles while cutting down on other unhealthy drinks by 50%.

FloWater Water Refilling Station


Free 14-day Trial

Try FloWater today for your business. If you don’t want to help the environment and eliminate plastic bottles with your Refill Station after 14 days, we’ll pick it up for free. That’s it — no fine print. If you would like a FloWater Refill Station for your home, click here.

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