Filtered, Touchless Water Dispenser for Your Office

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Having access to a fresh, clean drinking water supply isn’t a perk of offices, it’s a legal requirement. In the past, this was largely met by offering single-use plastic water bottles or allowing employees to use a communal plastic water jug, but neither of these options are ideal. 

Investing in an office water dispenser benefits organizations and their employees by providing a solution that focuses on cost-savings, health benefits, convenience, removing harmful contaminants, and sustainability. 

Encouraging your staff to stay hydrated is important for a productive workforce. Plus, there are many benefits of having an office water filtration system. Drinking at least eight glasses of water a day helps to boost energy, improve mood, and aid in focus and concentration. A water station that meets the needs of everyone is a way to keep your employees healthy and happy


Cost Savings Compared to Water Bottles

The first benefit of installing a filtered bottomless water dispenser for your office is the cost savings. Ordering endless cases of single-use plastic bottles can really add up, especially if you are supplying a large company or several branches of an organization. It can also be difficult to budget since water needs may fluctuate from time to time, depending on if you’re hosting visitors or are growing your company’s headcount. 

The same challenges arise with plastic water jugs. Waiting for shipments may mean days without a source of clean water if the last one runs out before your subscription renews. With shipping delays and delivery restrictions currently in place due to Covid-19, it makes sense to invest in a bottleless water station that auto-replenishes and constantly delivers cool, refreshing water for everyone. Additionally, this can help prevent the need of installing water fountains which can spread viruses, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants.

This eliminates recurring delivery costs and bottled water price changes due to demand and ensures your workforce has enough water without interruption. A bottomless water dispenser with a water filter also encourages employees to stay hydrated since they know the supply is neverending. With individual water bottles, trying to reach the goal of drinking 64 ounces of water per day per person adds up in terms of plastic waste and the frequency required to replenish the supply. 


Health Benefits of Staying Hydrated

A hydrated company is a healthier company. There are numerous health benefits associated with drinking more chilled water. For starters, it helps to maintain mental focus and concentration. It boosts energy and mood. Additionally, proper hydration aids in ridding the system of toxins and keeps the immune system functioning well. This helps to prevent illness among employees to maintain efficient productivity while working. 

It also affects your sleep, which can directly affect your cognitive performance the next day. According to the National Sleep Foundation, a lack of hydration can make you sluggish and irritable. Drinking plenty of pure water regulates your body temperature and prevents dry mouth and nasal passages, which can lead to disruptive snoring. 

Well-rested, well-hydrated employees are more productive and better engaged with their work. Giving them easy access to filtered water that tastes great and never runs out promotes a crucial part of their health by encouraging them to stay hydrated throughout the day. 


Convenience of On-Demand Dispensing with Touchless Capabilities

Chilled, purified water is available on-demand with the ADA-touch compliant FloWater Refill Station. The touchless water dispenser fills a 24-ounce bottle in under 10 seconds and auto-replenishes every time water is dispensed. This is 45 seconds faster than the average water fountain. The filtration station holds seven gallons of purified water at all times to fulfill the needs of any company size. There are no long waits in line and employees can fill up on the go as they head to another meeting or get ready for their lunch break. 

Additionally, a recessed nozzle and one-touch fill button keeps grime and germs from building up and makes sanitizing easier. Since the dispensing area fits any size of container, employees may only have to fill up once a day depending on the size of bottle or jug they have. That means less contact and less workday interruption. 

Whether employees are in a hurry to fill up their water bottles, want to practice social distancing as much as possible, or just want a sleek solution to meet their freshwater needs, FloWater fits everyone’s needs.


Sustainability to Align with Company Values

Many companies are making a pledge to protect the planet as much as possible. This includes adding recycling bins, bottleless water dispensers, scheduling group outdoor cleanups, and getting rid of the plastic waste within the office. Since plastic takes hundreds of years to naturally decompose, landfills are becoming overrun with plastic waste which is flowing into the ocean, disrupting the ecosystem and emitting toxins into the air. 

If a company employs 100 people and each person drinks at least one bottle of water a day, that’s well over 40,000 single-use plastic water bottles being accumulated every year. FloWater’s filtered pure water dispenser eliminates the need for plastic. Employees are welcome to bring their own reusable containers or the company can provide branded bottles as part of the employee onboarding process. Either way, it’s a remarkable impact on reducing a company’s carbon footprint. 

The innovative design of the filtered water dispenser is eco-friendly through its use of energy efficient LED lights and sleep mode function. Not only is it sustainable for the environment, but it also helps to keep operating costs low. In fact, it costs less to operate the refill station than it does a drinking fountain. These cost and environmental savings are connected with company values that implement sustainable solutions year-round.


Minimal Maintenance for the Modern Design

Compared to FloWater’s Refill Station, cumbersome plastic jugs and endless mini bottles of water seem like an outdated solution for today’s modern company. The technologically-advanced design is slim and sleek, taking up little room. It’s a breeze to clean since it rarely requires more than a regular wipe down of the front panels. Plus, most companies only need to replace their filter once a year.

In addition to the one-touch fill button and recessed dispense nozzle, there’s a hidden drip tray to minimize dirt, grime, and germs. An internal drain system means no germs or mold from standing water. Furthermore, activated oxygen provides chemical-free sanitization for the internal system and the stainless steel tanks. 

Having a system that requires little maintenance and eliminates recurring deliveries is beneficial for businesses that are adapting to the changing times of remote-only workplaces. In short, it’s clean, delicious-tasting water whenever you need it without any monitoring or hassle. 


What Makes FloWater Taste So Great?

Replacing outdated water flow supplies with a filtered water dispenser for your office makes sense on all levels, but it’s important that it tastes great. The better it tastes, the more it encourages employees to drink more and stay hydrated. 

The seven stages of FloWater’s filtration goes to considerable lengths to deliver a refreshing and delicious cold water. The first three steps purify the water and the last four improve the quality and taste.

  • Sediment filter: Catches solid impurities and dirt that may currently exist in your tap water or pipes. Elements like lead or rust can leach or flake off from the older pipes straight into the water that comes out of your faucet.
  • Carbon filter: Eliminates smaller particles, such as heavy metals and chlorine, and removes unpleasant odors or tastes that may linger in tap water.
  • Advanced reverse osmosis: Strains remaining contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses, lead, and pesticides, through a semipermeable membrane and is more efficient than anything else available on the market. 
  • Activated oxygen: After the last of the impurities and contaminants are stripped away, it’s time to improve the water and add back in natural elements. This filter increases the level of oxygen available for the muscles and blood and works as a chemical-free sanitizer for the system. 
  • Alkaline enhancement: The body builds up acidity through the day from environmental impurities and stress. By balancing the pH level of the water, the alkaline enhancement neutralizes the acidity and takes the pressure off your internal organs. 
  • Electrolytes addition: Magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium are added in this phase to support cell repair, bone strength, and immunity. These are the same electrolytes commonly found in sports drinks and bottled water. 
  • Coconut carbon filter: The final action is passing the water through a filter using real coconut husks to give FloWater its delicious-tasting flavor and remove any lingering odors or tastes.

When vetting new office solutions of any kind, it must meet certain requirements. Fortunately, for the sake of a filtered water dispenser for the office, FloWater meets all the important ones: cost savings, health benefits, convenience, sustainability, minimal maintenance, and delicious taste. Putting one of these in your break room, office hallway, or conference room allows your employees and visitors to benefit from having purified water available at all times.

Raise the standard of the type of water system you want at your place of business. Nearly all industries have benefited from the value this unique type of water refill station offers. It’s able to meet the demand of a crowd without lines forming or water supplies running out. For an on-demand drinking water solution that is sustainable and supports your employees’ health and well-being, FloWater is becoming a favorite among many.