Innovative water hydration that increases employee wellness and reduces waste.


FloWater’s Refill Station technology improves how businesses hydrate their employees.



The Touchless, Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser-Solution for your Office

Ensure your employees stay healthy and hydrated with our safe and sanitary bottleless water dispenser while reducing the use of plastic bottles.

Request a quote today, and choose to safely hydrate your Office for as little as $4 per day. Upgrade from plain tap water or bottled water and get a water bottle filling station Free Trials may be available!

Installation is possible in 10 days or less. Currently IN STOCK so request your quote today!

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FloWater is vital to a safe and sanitary Office environment

In the COVID era, traditional water coolers and water fountains have been ‘turned off’ across the country. A FloWater filtered water dispenser utilizes medical-grade filtration technology with stainless steel to provide virus-free, bacteria-free, and contaminant-free safe drinking water. The purified water then flows through a recessed dispenser that eliminates cross-bottle contamination with a fully touchless water dispenser experience. Employees can safely access clean drinking water with FloWater’s office chilled water bottle filling stations to help keep their immune systems strong.

The World's best businesses hydrate with filtered water from FloWater

safe and sanitary group hyrdation

A safe and sanitary group hydration option that can hydrate an entire office for about $4 per day. Keep your employees safe with our advanced filtered water dispenser for the office

boost employee hydration

FloWater is proven to boost hydration, resulting in employees drinking more water and less sugary beverages to help boost immune system health

easy installation


Why Offices Are Raving About FloWater Bottleless Water Coolers

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Employee feedback: “I love the new FloWater Refill Stations. I drink more clean water every day, and the cold water tastes way more fresh. I’m also drinking less coffee now, so it feels like I’m making a healthy choice. I wish there was a FloWater water dispenser on every floor in our office.”

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Employee feedback: “I love that FloWater’s filtration system provides water delivery with electrolytes for our team members. I feel like it is critical to our work and energy levels and being efficient. I also love that I can refill my bottle without having to touch anything with my hands. Peace of mind while staying hydrated!”

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Employee feedback: “It’s great using the foot pedal to fill my water bottle instead of a traditional water cooler. I wash my hands all day long and getting FloWater and hydrating is at least one occasion where I can keep my hands clean. The water is super crisp, cold, and refreshing – – and I’m drinking at least 20 more ounces of water every day. Win win!”


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