What Is Alkaline Water Good For Anyway?

What Is Alkaline Water Good For Anyway?

Alkaline water has become one of the newest “trends” in bottled water due to its purported health benefits. By definition, alkaline water has a higher pH level than regular tap water, which many believe helps to neutralize acidity in the body. What is alkaline water good for? There are some that say it can help prevent heart disease and boost kidney function, in addition to other health improvements, although there hasn’t been enough scientific evidence to fully support any other proposed benefits than hydration

What it does do is create water that’s higher on the pH scale (which runs from 0 to 14) and in many cases, has additional nutrients to help minimize the acidity. Therefore, it offers a good PH level for drinking water. When combined with an alkaline diet, which limits or eliminates foods with high acidities like red meat or sugar, people have reported weight loss and overall better health. However, when the body is functioning normally, it’s automatically prepared to neutralize acidity from foods and beverages. Right now, experts weighing in say there needs to be more research performed before turning to alkaline water as a solitary solution.

Drinking purified water is essential to maintaining good health and keeping the body hydrated. The effects of a daily intake of water will always be a contributor to how a person feels and is able to function. The bottom line is that alkaline water may add to an ideal consumption level but not any different than drinking regular, filtered water. Although it may have nutrients like potassium and magnesium to help make the water less acidic, there’s not a significant advantage to drinking alkaline water for the long-term. 

The drawback of drinking alkaline water is that it can be expensive, it contributes to plastic waste, and it may be a trend that expires in a few years. Before relying solely on any kind of diet or drink as a health aid, talk to your doctor about your symptoms and proposed solutions. Otherwise, drinking alkaline water isn’t necessarily harmful to your health. It just won’t be a huge factor in improving it any more than regular water.

Alkaline Water Without The Extra Cost 

Drinking more water is a goal of many. When purified water that tastes crisp and delicious is readily available, meeting that goal is easy. That’s why FloWater has become the new favorite of gyms, hotels, businesses, and other areas where people want to fill up on filtered water without resorting to plastic bottles, long lines, or water that doesn’t taste great. It’s an amenity all guests can benefit from and enjoy. 

Yes, alkaline water may be the “it” beverage right now, but drinking less acidic water doesn’t have to mean it comes from a one-use plastic water bottle. As part of a seven-step purification system, FloWater water delivers a higher pH than regular tap water through the alkaline enhancement filter. By adding a proprietary mix of minerals to the water after advanced reverse osmosis, it helps to neutralize acidity in the bloodstream. The benefit is that there isn’t any extra cost to the person drinking it or to the environment. 

It’s been reported that Americans purchase an average of 156 plastic water bottles annually. Take that number times the people who visit the gym, an airport, or hotel. If there was a convenient solution in place where plastic wasn’t necessary or an option for hydration, think of how much waste that would save. 

The FloWater Refill Station is designed to accommodate large crowds quickly. It can fill any 24-oz. reusable container – from the size of a coffee cup to a gallon jug – in 9 seconds. This purified water system means no plastic waste has to be involved. With more people carrying a refillable water bottle with them, it’s easier to get rid of using plastic bottled water permanently. The time it takes for plastic waste to decompose on its own takes hundreds of years, which leads to overflowing landfills and highly polluted oceans. 

Drink More Water

Maybe alkaline water isn’t the miracle drink that many claim it to be, but it still helps to reduce the amount of acidity that enters the bloodstream. Although there’s still vagueness around the question of what is alkaline water good for, the important part is that maybe it’s helping people drink more water, in general. And, as we all know, drinking water is essential for health and well-being. It keeps us hydrated, helps to regulate our body temperature, lubricates joints, and can help fight the loss of focus and fatigue.

Drinking alkaline water only can be costly, especially if you drink the equivalent of eight, 8-oz. glasses a day. If you’re looking for a less acidic option, there is another solution available that can be widely used by all. One that transforms regular tap water into purified drinking water without having any minerals or electrolytes stripped away. Get all the benefits of alkaline water without the extra costs and see what staying hydrated with FloWater’s purified water can do for your health.