Water, Safety, And Etiquette For Fitness Centers

Water, Safety, And Etiquette For Fitness Centers

The approach to ensuring safety and etiquette for fitness centers has been elevated due to the effects of Covid-19. Although gym owners have always prioritized cleanliness and sanitation, gym goers want to know what additional protocols fitness centers are putting in place to create a safe and healthy environment. 

Everything from ensuring well-maintained equipment to providing a clean water supply play a part in upholding smooth day-to-day operations and guest satisfaction. Implementing clear fitness center standards and enforcing gym safety rules and regulations for both staff and guests helps everyone feel well protected. General guidelines used to be limited to sharing time on machines and putting back weights to prevent injury. However, there are far more proper gym etiquette rules in place that allow everyone to feel comfortable using a shared space. When evaluating and updating protocols, here are a few key factors to keep in mind.

Disinfect Equipment and Public Spaces

One of the most common gym usage rules is for patrons to wipe down equipment after use to prepare it for the next person. In addition to encouraging guests to follow this proper gym etiquette, scheduling regular cleaning and sanitization throughout the day is valuable for the safety of everyone using the gym. Providing cleaning spray bottles and paper towel rounds make it convenient for guests to follow this assigned gym rule, which then allows everyone to do their part.

With regards to cleaning protocols for gym staff, the EPA recommends fitness centers use disinfectant products on List N, which are specifically designed to kill all strains and variants of Covid-19.1 Cleaning and disinfecting should be scheduled for gym equipment and also doors, manual check-in machines, and other public space counters and handles where there is daily contact.

Supply Disposable Masks and Hand Sanitizer

For the past two years, safety and etiquette for fitness centers have also included supplying disposable masks and hand sanitizer for guests. Even though each gym’s mask regulations vary depending on the area, having these available to all provides the option of wearing a mask per each person’s comfort level. 

Keep masks available at the front and encourage instructors to wear them as needed. It reinforces the gym safety rules and regulations when guests see them put into practice. Furthermore, installing hand sanitizer stations at the front desk and workout area(s) throughout the facility also provides guests an extra step to help them feel safe. 

Evaluate Air Circulation

Evaluating the quality of air circulation and control is an important part of gym safety. Schedule regular HVAC maintenance to ensure air ducts are clean and properly functioning. It helps distribute better airflow, makes it more comfortable for people working out, and helps save building energy. When possible, open doors and windows to improve fresh air circulation throughout different gym areas. Install ceiling fans and/or gym floor fans to improve circulation in high-traffic areas as well. 

Maintain Clean, Well-Stocked Facilities

It’s been challenging to say the least, for business owners to keep updated on all the policies and protocols. All previous cleaning efforts have been elevated to include extra sanitization and attention to detail in high-contact surface areas. In addition to ensuring the cleanliness of all areas of a gym floor plan, it’s also important to restock disposable masks, hand sanitizing wipes, hand soap, and tissue paper regularly. Ensuring safety for all includes providing the supplies they need to feel better protected from the spread of germs.

Post Notices and Update Social Media

Visual in-gym notices and social media updates are the best way to share new gym etiquette rules and provide reminders for those who visit. It gives guests an idea of what to expect when they come to the gym as well as what’s expected of them. These notices may include information about contactless check-ins and/or payments, rules about social distancing and wearing masks, and changes in gym schedules due to extra time needed to perform a deep cleaning of the space. Being transparent allows guests to make informed decisions and helps protect the safety of all.

Upgrade Water Dispensing Stations

Although Covid-19 protocols are part of all gym usage rules now, promoting greater health and safety at the gym also involves providing a clean water supply. Water fountains are a breeding ground for germs and don’t provide the water quality that encourages people to stay hydrated. The CDC has recommended shutting these down indefinitely. Alternatively, gyms that offer bottled drinks increase the amount of plastic waste and can become costly to gym members. 

A better resolution is upgrading to FloWater’s Touchless Water Dispenser. It provides multiple benefits both from a hydration standpoint as well as being conscious of sanitization, offering an amenity all guests will find valuable. 

Benefits of FloWater’s Touchless Water Dispenser

Considering the dangers of dehydration during exercise and the importance of contactless touch-free solutions today, the Touchless Water Dispenser is a necessary amenity that has sustainable benefits. Gym and fitness center owners have had to navigate back-and-forth changes over the past years. Implementing a solution that will improve the guest experience while also adhering to updated safety protocols is a win-win situation. Here are a few of the many benefits FloWater provides.

Easy-To-Use Foot Pedal

Staying hydrated during exercise is non-negotiable. When the CDC recommended closing all water stations and water fountains in gyms to keep people safe, the logical solution was to provide a contactless option, which the Refill Station delivers. With the simple push of a pedal, a gym goer can have access to purified water without having to contribute to or being at greater risk of spreading bacteria and germs. 

Plus, the rapid filtered gym water dispenser only takes nine seconds to fill a 24-oz. bottle, which is 45 seconds faster than the average water cooler or drinking fountain. It encourages guests to bring their own water bottles from home and stay hydrated while working out. The dispensing quickness and convenience also automatically promote social distancing. Although the Refill Station can serve a high capacity of people, everyone can move quickly through without having to gather in one spot.

Innovative, Self-Sanitizing Design

The slim design of the Touchless Water Dispenser uses activated oxygen which works as a self-sanitizer for the stainless steel tanks and internal system. This elevated level of oxygen also further protects against everyday bacteria and viruses while also improving the taste of the water. Additionally, the station has a recessed dispense nozzle and hidden catchment tray, so the station itself gathers less dirt, germs, and grime than the standard water fountain solution. Furthermore, the powerful internal drain system eliminates mold and germs from standing water or damp water trays. It’s a cleaner, more energy-efficient way to provide an amenity everyone can benefit from.

Advanced Water Purification

In addition to the touchless simplicity and increased sanitization of the water station,  FloWater’s Advanced Purification results in a quality product guests will love. The purification process transforms tap water by filtering it through seven steps. It removes up to 99% of impurities typically found in the tap, while also adding in essential minerals and electrolytes to improve the taste and health benefits of the water. 

Replenishing electrolytes during a workout is a priority for many. It helps keep people energized and performing at their highest levels. FloWater includes magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium without the additives, calories, or sugar found in sports drinks. Delivering purified water that tastes great and is easily accessible encourages everyone to stay hydrated while working out. 

Reduced Plastic Waste

Another built-in value of installing a Touchless Water Dispenser is the positive effect it has on the environment. It eliminates the need for disposable plastic bottles and reduces the overall plastic waste in gyms. Staff and guests can leave behind a smaller carbon footprint without having to give up the necessity of fresh, chilled water while working out. 

Furthermore, it uses the building’s built-in tap water resource to transform it into the great-tasting product people want. There’s no supply chain to contend with for water delivery. A certified technician sets up the station, and the clean design requires little to no maintenance beyond simply wiping down the outside panels. 

Modern Solution for Today’s Gym Safety Rules and Regulations

Gym owners have had to get creative over the past several years and in many cases, adjust how they operate in order to stay open and active. Whether it’s by offering hybrid classes, moving exercise space outdoors, or simply looking into new ways of providing regular amenities, all of it is designed to sustain what’s necessary for the average gym goer today. 

Providing access to purified water at all times adds another bonus for those returning to their regular workouts. Though staying hydrated is nothing new, making it easier for guests delivers added value. Adding in new systems and technology to keep up with an increasingly contactless world makes a difference and fits into the modern way of doing things. 

FloWater offers the type of solution people today are looking for and will come to expect. Immediate accessibility and convenience are two of the top priorities with any interactions, and the Touchless Water Dispenser is able to deliver these values with ease.

Let us share more about how FloWater can support your gym operations. Contact us today.


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