The Top 12 Apartment Amenities Residents Are Most Interested In

The Top 12 Apartment Amenities Residents Are Most Interested In

Rental cost and location convenience are two of the top factors for apartment seekers, though it’s the amenities that often secure a lease commitment. Incorporate amenities designed to make residents’ lives easier and provide them greater value to entice new residents and keep current tenants happy. 

There are three key areas people consider before moving to a new place: in-unit apartment amenities, community benefits, and recreational and entertainment opportunities. Spanning from amenities that provide everyday convenience to those that add a wow factor to where people live, here are the top 12 community amenities most residents want added to the list. 

In-Unit Apartment Amenities

Making a living space as inviting and comfortable as possible is key when considering which amenities for a residential building to include. Everything from the layout and lighting to the countertops and closets should be taken into consideration. 

Basic apartment amenities typically include stainless steel appliances, ample storage space, and on-site laundry facilities at the very least. These reflect the starting point of what residents are most interested in, though the more upgrades available, the better.

#1: In-Unit Laundry 

In-unit washers and dryers are one of the most valuable apartment features to have due to the convenience they provide. Energy-efficient, stackable washer-dryer options appeal to most renters because they conserve energy and optimize space. However, for units with smaller square footage, upgrades to the communal laundry areas are beneficial as well. These may include contactless payments and a lounge area with Wifi to make it easy and inviting to use if individual washers and dryers aren’t feasible. 

#2: Central A/C

Most apartments have central A/C as a built-in amenity, though there are buildings in Southern California and other temperate climates where it’s not automatically included. Ceiling fans, large screen windows, and a smart powered thermostat are also what residents want, in addition to having central heating and air conditioning.

#3: Energy-Efficient Appliances

Many newer apartments offer energy-efficient appliances as a way to reduce energy costs and leave behind a lighter carbon footprint. From refrigerators to dishwashers and air-conditioning units to washers and dryers, residents appreciate when apartment complexes upgrade to modern technology and follow sustainability best practices.

#4: Pet-friendly

Approximately 70% of U.S. households own a pet, many of which are apartment dwellers. Finding a rental space that’s welcoming to cats or dogs is one of the apartment amenities residents are most interested in, as not every complex allows them. 

Community Benefits

In addition to what’s important for individual units, community benefits are the first impression new potential residents consider as they pull up to the leasing office before they ever take a home tour. Part of creating a comfortable living space includes making accommodations for different lifestyles and being able to serve a diverse group of individuals. Potential residents want to know: what everyday conveniences does the apartment complex provide?

#5: Location

Many people want to live in an area that is within close distance to restaurants, bars, and convenience stores, as well as grocery stores, banks, parks, and public transportation. Places that feel immersed in the cultural landscape help them feel connected within the community. 

Alternatively, some renters prefer the privacy of a gated community that has all the necessary amenities onsite and readily available. Consider the location advantages and how best to promote them. 

#6: Security Measures

Whether it’s an onsite security team or door codes for entry to shared common spaces, the amount of security an apartment has is considered a valuable amenity. People want to feel protected in their homes, and when there are built-in security measures, it allows them to enjoy their space more fully. 

#7: Concierge Services

Many apartment spaces now offer concierge-style services as a luxury update for their residents. These services range from valet dry cleaning to bike rentals, as well as discounts to area events and establishments. The type of residential building amenities people are most interested in involves curating a lifestyle that’s fun, convenient, and feels exclusive.

Recreational and Entertainment Opportunities 

In addition to the amenities in residential buildings, renters also look to the value of the property itself, including recreational and entertainment opportunities. Expanding the value of amenities to support active and social lifestyles only increases the allure. The layout and design of the amenities also make a difference, as well as the convenience of the operating hours and quality of options.

#8: Swimming Pool

As a favorite apartment amenity among most renters, a swimming pool usually tops the list of what they’re most interested in. Luxury dwellings have elevated this offering by providing resort-style, zero-entry pools with surrounding cabanas, hot tubs, steam rooms, and other amenities as a place to relax. This luxury amenity definitely doesn’t get overlooked.

#9: Fitness Center

A fitness center is one of the essential elements that renters are looking for while new apartment hunting. There’s an added value for renters when they can rely on their apartment complex to provide exercise equipment rather than paying a monthly gym membership. Usually, it means fewer crowds and more flexible hours so they can work out on their own schedules. An added benefit is offering weekly or monthly fitness classes and community events like yoga, cardio, and cycling.

#10: Outdoor Lounge Areas

Curating an inviting outdoor space complete with comfortable seating, grilling stations, TVs, and a gorgeous view is what residents are looking for most in entertainment options. Optimize both indoor and outdoor spaces by adding space heaters, bocce ball courts, and other games and decorations as the space allows, and upon residents’ request.

#11: Dog Parks

Designating areas equipped for dog owners helps keep the property clean as well as gives pets a place to roam free and play. Since apartment renters don’t have the luxury of a backyard, it’s important to offer a green area where they can take their dogs to get fresh air and exercise.

#12: Community Clubhouse

A community clubhouse common area stocked with snacks, clean water, ample seating, plenty of outlets, and desk spaces invites people to gather to work remotely, engage with others, and have a space that can be used for personal gatherings, like birthday parties, baby showers, and other events. It’s yet another incentive for those considering multiple places to choose a certain community over others.

FloWater: The Must-Have Amenity

One additional amenity that benefits everyone is a Touchless Water Dispenser, especially when installed in recreational areas like the fitness center or clubhouse. Reusable water bottles are commonplace among people today. What better way to help them stay hydrated than by providing them with a purified water dispenser in common areas they frequent most?

With so many residents questioning, “Is apartment water safe to drink?” delivering on this need has become increasingly important for multi-family residential complexes and high-rise buildings. Making clean water readily available promotes healthier living and is the starting point of developing sustainable apartments. The importance of having access to purified water without the need for plastic bottles is universal. It satisfies both residents and property managers by offering an amenity everyone can enjoy without contributing to waste. Plus, the innovative design fits in well with modern apartment buildings and is hassle and hands-free, which serves as convenient and cost-effective for everyone. 

Delivering a Premium Drinking Water Experience

For years, residential amenity planning has included the installation of water fountains and/or water coolers as a solution for community-wide use. However, with time, these options have become outdated. They lack efficiency, sanitization, and quality desired by people today. 

That’s where FloWater makes a difference. It offers a premium experience for rental companies and their tenants. The Touchless Water Dispenser provides clean, purified water without the chance for cross-contamination. Pressing the easy-to-use foot pedal starts the hydration dispensing process, and tenants can fill water bottles of any size to stay hydrated throughout the day.

FloWater’s advanced purification system transforms tap water by eliminating 99.9% of all bacteria, contaminants, heavy metals, and other pollutants often found in originating water sources. It dispenses at a perfectly chilled 42° and has a fast auto-replenishment so there’s always cold, fresh FloWater every time water is dispensed. 

The Touchless Water Dispenser can be easily set up in any communal area of the property to provide the convenience renters are looking for when they search for a new place. 

Let us share how FloWater can support your residential buildings as a valued amenity among tenants. Contact us today.