The New York Times- “Bottled Water or Tap: How Much Does Your Choice Matter?”

The New York Times- “Bottled Water or Tap: How Much Does Your Choice Matter?”

Have you ever taken the time to contemplate your plastic consumption?

With the recent buzz surrounding plastic pollution, a handful of us have. But did you know that 49.4 billion plastic bottles were sold in the US last year? Even with environmentalists spreading the word about plastic pollution, the numbers keep increasing.

“I’ll just recycle it”

This is a very common justification for buying plastic. Did know that only 32% of plastic bottles are recycled?  Yup, just under a third of all plastic bottles sold are actually recycled, meaning the rest end up in landfills and our oceans.

Speaking of the Ocean

Do you know the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean each year? Between 5 and 13 million metric tons! Most of which are tiny pieces that get ingested by marine life and then ultimately us. These microplastics can end up not only in our food but also in our drinking water. That’s why we made FloWater Refill Stations. Our 7x Advanced Purification Process removes 99% of impurities, resulting in the cleanest, best tasting water… without the plastic bottle!

Our planet is drowning in plastic pollution,

making the enormity of the problem near impossible to conceptualize!  The New York Times developed this quiz to help us get a better understanding of the impact of our daily choices.

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Illustration: James Yang