The Importance of Purified Water During Exercise

The Importance of Purified Water During Exercise

Exercise and hydration go hand-in-hand. Taking regular water breaks helps you to go the extra mile, so to speak. The amount of water recommended depends on different factors, such as age, weight, and the time length and intensity of the physical activity. However, it all leads to one general sentiment: drinking water is important. For a lower intensity workout, drink 10 ounces of water for every 30 minutes. On the other hand, a high-intensity, 90-minute workout calls for closer to 54 ounces or more. 

Different health experts have slightly different variations on these numbers, but it’s a general guideline to follow if you’re not sure where to start. This amount increases if you sweat more easily or are exercising in a hotter environment. The harder the body has to work, the more you’ll sweat. The more sweating, the more water you’ll need to drink to replenish fluids lost, in addition to important minerals and electrolytes. 

The key importance of water during exercise is to avoid dehydration. Dehydration leads to a decrease in athletic performance and can result in an injury from pushing too hard without the right form or a lackluster workout because the body is fatigued. Either way, it’s not ideal for exercising and won’t give you the workout you want to achieve. Drinking purified water prevents dehydration during exercise and gives the body the electrolytes it needs, the same as with a sports drink and coconut water. It also helps:

  • Muscle and joint functioning
  • Body temperature regulation
  • Digestion
  • Blood pressure
  • Deliver oxygen throughout the body

FloWater’s unique filtration process ensures that you’re drinking the cleanest, best-tasting water that helps keep you hydrated as you work out. It’s important to drink before, during, and after any exercise and consumed in moderation based on the type of physical activity you’re participating in. Most people know that drinking plenty of water is important, but it also makes sense to answer a few common questions about dehydration, such as what contributes to it, what symptoms to look for, and how FloWater can help prevent it.

When Should I Drink Water to Avoid Dehydration During Exercise?

It’s recommended to start drinking water one and a half to two hours before exercising, especially if it’s a workout that requires a lot of stamina like a multi-mile race or a longer weightlifting exercise session. Plan to drink at least 20 ounces of water before exercising and 7-10 ounces for every 10 to 20 minutes of exercise. 

Adjust your water intake by your workout schedule. For example, if you take a 60-minute exercise class, work in at least 2 or 3 short water breaks. It’s also important to hydrate following exercise to make up for all the sweat you’ve lost. At least 8 ounces within 30 minutes following any exercise will help keep you hydrated. While this is a basic timeline to follow, people with a higher BMI or who sweat more during exercise require more water. 

Also, if you’re taking an intense cardio class, that may require more water than a leisurely walk around the park. It depends on the amount of energy your body is exerting. If you’re thirstier than the water recommendation, the best advice is to pay attention to what your body needs. To avoid dehydration, it’s not enough to drink water during exercise; before and after are required too. Decide how much works for you.

How Much Water Should I Drink Daily? 

The eight, 8-oz. glasses of water per day recommendation is a reasonable goal to aim for, but the actual number can fluctuate based on your exercise regimen and how much energy is required. You lose electrolytes through sweat that must be replenished, which is why people often opt for sports drinks. However, these drinks are often full of sugar or other ingredients that aren’t healthy for the body. 

Purified water does the trick just as well and tastes good. FloWater’s 7x Advanced Purification uses an existing tap water source and removes up to 99% of its impurities and improves it by adding in a proprietary blend of ten trace minerals to the water. This helps to neutralize the acidity in your body. The sixth filtration in the process enhances the water with minerals and electrolytes including magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium. These are found in popular workout drinks and brand-name bottled water. Electrolytes help support cell repair and bone strength, making them ideal for a post-workout drink. Plus, FloWater keeps you well-hydrated without any unnecessary extras. Only pure, clean, delicious water.

Will Drinking Water Help Me Lose Weight? 

Though drinking water isn’t directly correlated to dropping pounds, it’s part of a complete health and wellness regimen. In addition to helping with hydration, it helps to flush the system of built-up toxins and can help you feel fuller before, during, and after meals. There are times when you may feel hungry when really it’s your body’s need for water. Many nutritionists recommend drinking a full glass of water whenever you feel the need for a snack to see if that helps you feel full first. 

Water can also help minimize bloating which can leave you feeling weighed down and uncomfortable when trying to exercise. Replacing sugary drinks with water can help you slim down. Drinking more water daily starts the trend of healthier habits because it’ll make your body feel better. It’s a way to start making small changes for people who want to lose weight. 

What Affects Dehydration?

There are several factors that affect dehydration besides exercise alone. The environment can affect how quickly you become dehydrated. Moderate exercise in hot or humid weather can increase the amount of water you need when compared to if you were doing the same activity in an air-conditioned gym. High altitudes can also make your body work harder and affect your hydration levels. Make sure you have an extra supply of water when you’re working out in these different environments in order to adjust your intake accordingly. 

Your general health also affects dehydration. If you are suffering from cold symptoms or getting over an illness, your body likely has lost a good amount of fluids. Conversely, not drinking enough water can make you more prone to getting sick. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle involves a well-balanced diet and regular exercise, but it also includes a proper night’s sleep and plenty of water, too. 

Finally, travel is a factor that can affect dehydration. Changing climates and time zones can have a negative effect on the body. It’s key to maintain your daily water intake even if your schedule shifts due to travel plans. Getting back to a normal level of hydration can take time if you’ve gone a few days without getting enough water.

Symptoms of Dehydration

By drinking water at all stages of a workout, you can prevent dehydration. However, if you’re starting a new fitness routine or training for a marathon, the amount of water you need may change and your body may become dehydrated if you’re drinking the right amount for the activity. There are noticeable changes you’ll experience if dehydration sets in. Symptoms include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Sleepiness and fatigue
  • Increased thirst
  • Dizziness
  • Decreased urine output or urine that’s more yellowish
  • Headache

Severe dehydration can also lead to fever, increased heart rate, and in some cases, fainting. Even if you don’t strictly regulate your water intake on a daily basis, drink as much water as possible, and know what signs to look for to indicate you’re not getting enough. Every person requires different amounts. Tune in to what your body needs whenever you exercise.

Why Fitness Lovers Prefer FloWater

Staying hydrated is a given for anyone who is active regardless of the sport or workout. FloWater provides all the nutrients and benefits of popular sports drinks but without the calories, sugars, or additives. Gyms that have FloWater Water Refill Stations give their members a continuous source of clean, crisp water to help them work out longer and push harder. Rather than remembering to fill their water bottles before the gym or having to fill up from the tap, the purified water dispenser provides a premium way to hydrate for as long as they’re exercising.

Quick, Refreshing, and Convenient

A hydration station with purified water gives crisp, cold water every time and can fill a 24-oz. bottle in 9 seconds, which is 45 seconds faster than the average drinking fountain or water cooler. Colder water helps to keep body temperature lower for longer. This helps prevent fatigue and heat-related stress. A cool swig of water is ideal for an exercise break versus tepid water from the tap. 

Sustainable Water Source

Gym goers appreciate the sustainability factor of a purified water dispenser. It eliminates the need for plastic water bottles. They can easily fill up their water jugs or reusable bottles without worrying about contributing to waste. With the amount of plastic waste polluting the oceans and landfills, it’s beneficial to have an eco-friendly option that you can feel good about while staying hydrated. These daily efforts make a difference and help to protect the planet.

Sanitized and Simple to Use

Filling up at the water station is also more sanitary than using a water fountain. The design has a recessed dispense nozzle to accommodate any size of the container, a one-touch button to fill, and a hidden catchment tray, which results in less grime and germs. Activated oxygen also provides sanitization for the stainless steel tanks and internal system, which means little to no cleaning maintenance. 

Perks Are Always Welcome

Gym memberships come with the use of several amenities, in addition to occasional perks like group events, workout towels, and other ways to show appreciation for members and keep them coming back. By offering a hydration station where they can fill up on purified water, it elevates the guest experience. Everyone at the gym needs hydration and wants a drink that gives them the electrolytes they lost during exercise, which makes FloWater the perfect choice.

Why Gym Owners Choose FloWater

As a gym owner or manager, there are many parts to operating a well-functioning fitness center. From an outside perspective, the goal is to make everything look like it’s running smoothly. This includes detailed attention to all operations including testing exercise equipment, training staff, maintaining cleanliness, and ensuring members have a positive experience. Adding a purified water station is helpful for gym owners in several ways and provides an opportunity to increase revenue.

Low Maintenance

Water coolers must be regularly swapped out, water fountains have to regularly maintained, but a FloWater Water Refill Station requires little to no maintenance at all. A certified technician is responsible for setting it up and changing the filter when necessary. Other than that, the machine operates on its own and only needs a wipe down ever so often to maintain a clean outside appearance. 


Despite the slim look of the station, it holds seven gallons of purified water at all times. Every time water is dispensed, the tanks are automatically refilled. Guests never have to go without water because a water jug is empty or a drinking fountain is down for repair. It also fits larger cups and bottles, unlike the alternatives.


Operating costs stay low due to energy-efficient features such as LED lights, sleep mode, and an internal monitoring system. It also eliminates the need for plastic bottles which is sustainable for the environment and reduces the amount of trash that needs to be collected daily to keep the gym clean.

Stay Hydrated For The Long Run

Water is essential for any activity, regardless of the intensity, length of time, or type of exercise. Hydration is an indicator of the intake of water and its effect on the body’s health. Proper hydration keeps the body functioning at a higher level. It helps to boost workouts and keep people exercising longer. 

Access to great-tasting, purified water provides more of an incentive to maximize a workout. It replenishes essential minerals for the body after a sweat session. And, it gives members the quality of water they need in a way that’s convenient, plentiful, and promotes a healthier lifestyle and a healthier planet. No plastic bottles are necessary to enjoy pure, crisp water when you have FloWater ready to go.