7x Advanced Purification: creating the world’s best water

7x Advanced Purification: creating the world’s best water

FloWater is changing the way the world drinks water. The vision and mission of FloWater is simple, yet big: to inspire the world with water while putting an end to single-use plastic water bottles.

Our promise is to provide the world’s best-tasting and most sustainable water— better than anything in a bottle. FloWater is a daily reminder that you can be inspired by, and inspire others; and through small, consistent efforts, together we can achieve big outcomes that will change ourselves, our community, and our planet.

We operate by three simple principals, that when practiced together, have the ability to create profound change in the world.

Drink One: 7x Advanced Purification in Better than Bottled Water
FloWater is the first and only water system to take ordinary tap water and transform it into something amazing. Through a proprietary 7x Advanced Purification system, we’ve created the world’s best tasting water on tap. FloWater tastes better than anything you’ll find in a bottle. In fact, 8 out of 10 people prefer FloWater to the world’s best-selling, most premium bottled water brands. And compared to basic water fountains, water coolers, or 5-gallon jugs, people with a FloWater Refill Station drink 50% to 250% more water each day, resulting in healthier, happier, and more hydrated humans. Learn how our 7x Advanced Purification System makes FloWater taste so good here.

Save One: Bottled Water is The Modern Day Cigarette
Plastic pollution is destroying our environment and our health. In the US alone, 38 billion single-use plastic bottles end up in our oceans, lakes, rivers, and landfills every year. The plastics used to make these bottles contain over 10,000 endocrine disrupting chemicals. Over time, and not unlike cigarettes, the effect of plastic chemicals leaching into bottled water creates a terrible health impact. Every time you use a Refill Station, you’re saving one more bottle from the environment, and reducing your personal consumption of toxins. Our refill station’s are some of the best purified water machine’s in the country and reduce the need for plastic bottles.

Give One: Do Something Great
As part of our company’s commitment to provide a water purification system people love and trust, we’ve donated FloWater to communities in need, like Flint, Michigan, where our 7x Advanced Purification system is connected to tap water that tested 33x over the EPA limit for lead. After FloWater purification, the lead level is now at undetectable levels. The same water purification system we put in an office or hotel or school is also powerful enough to purify water in the harshest environments, so you can sip easy knowing your water is clean and purified. You can see more about what we’re doing in Flint in this Fast Company article or on this local CBS segment. We’ve also provided FloWater Refill Stations for the Navajo Nation. As a partner with DigDeep, we’ve been able to provide purified drinking water at St. Michaels Association for Special Education to bring clean drinking water to a remote school with arsenic in the water (check out this incredible video – grab a tissue first).We’re proud to say that by partnering with FloWater, you’re contributing to those most in need.

Our passion is water.
Our goal is to create a more sustainable planet with healthier communities.
Let’s do something better, together.