Fundraise to get a Refill Station at your school

FloWater Refill Stations create more sustainable schools (no more plastic water bottle waste) and healthier students (FloWater users drink up to 250% MORE water).


Fundraise for FloWater


Start with a Free Trial

Here are some tips to get started:

  • To get great visibility for your fundraiser, place your Refill Stations in cafeterias, main entryways, gyms, or busy halls
  • Our team can advise on the best spot for your Refill Station during a site visit
  • To get started, click below and one of our team members will follow up

Activate your fundraiser

Here are a few ways you can start your water bottle fundraiser:


Spread the word

Here’s how you can reach future supporters:

  • Ask teachers, parents, and alumni groups to share your fundraiser page
  • Speak at PTA meetings about your goal
  • Create posters for hallways or write an article for the school newspaper
  • Ask the Student Council or Sustainability Club to help
  • Start a water bottle fundraiser

A new kind of water cooler talk