How FloWater is Helping to Eliminate Pollution From Bottled Water

How FloWater is Helping to Eliminate Pollution From Bottled Water

Plastic water bottle production accounts for up to 17 million barrels of oil annually, an amount which can maintain up to one million fueled vehicles for a year. When compared to the energy needed for tap water, plastic water bottles take up to 2,000 times more energy. Also, it’s been reported that 91% of plastic waste is not recycled. The lack of environmental sustainability has led consumers to switch to reusable water bottles and alternatives like FloWater’s purified water dispensers to help support a more energy-conscious solution.

In addition to the energy it takes to create bottled water, environmentalists have reported the effects of plastic waste on land and ocean pollution. For every square mile of ocean waters, there are approximately 46,000 pieces of plastic trash floating around and causing harm to animals and marine ecosystems. By 2050, it’s projected that the ocean will contain more plastic in weight than fish. That’s in addition to the tens of millions of disposable water bottles and beverage containers found in landfills. They leak harmful chemicals as they slowly decompose; and one bottle can take up to one thousand years to fully break down. The effects of plastic pollution in our oceans is devastating not only for marine life and our environment, but it’s also filtering down and affecting the health of humans as well.

Despite these numbers, reports have shown, on a global scale, humans buy a million plastic bottles per minute. The estimation by 2020 is that over half a trillion plastic bottles will be sold. Since these beverage containers are typically made from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which takes at least 400 years to naturally decompose, it continuously increases the health risks of ocean life since that’s where a large portion of plastic waste ends up. Even if you recycle, your plastic water bottles may still end up in the water or in an overflowing landfill.

Suffice it to say, the statistics surrounding plastic water pollution are staggering. The strain on the environment is only worsening, but there is a solution that helps to protect the planet while still creating clean water solutions. As part of our mission, FloWater saves 2.38 bottles per second and gives people access to purified drinking water that’s transforming tap water. It changes people’s habits and provides an alternative to plastic, which ultimately contributes to the decrease in pollution.

Changes Habits With an Advanced Clean Water Alternative

The challenge of eliminating pollution requires a collective effort from people to stop relying on plastic water bottles, which for some can be a hard habit to break. The convenience of picking one up at the airport, carrying one to the gym, or taking one to work makes it more difficult to switch. The popularity of reusable water bottles have helped in part to address this issue, but there is still the plastic waste from multi-gallon water jugs to consider, as well as the fact that many people don’t enjoy the taste of tap water. 

The technology used in FloWater’s Water Refill Station solves both problems. It eliminates the need for plastic bottles and provides clean-tasting, filtered water at the same time. The large fill area fits any size of container— from a coffee mug to a gallon jug, the tanks automatically refill every time water is dispensed. It is a practical, economical, and environmentally-friendly solution for everyone. This is in part due to careful attention to detail and high-end design features that make this water delivery system stand apart from the rest. 

For example, the Refill Station has LED lights, sleep mode, and an internal monitoring system to keep FloWater running at ultra-low operating costs. Not only does it cost less than maintaining a drinking fountain, but it’s also more sanitary. The recessed dispense nozzle, one-touch fill button, and hidden catchment tray all result in less dirt, grime, and germs than what’s found when using public drinking fountains and standard water coolers. Additionally, activated oxygen provides chemical-free sanitization for the stainless steel tanks and internal system. The result: cleaner water and minimal maintenance with no plastic involved at all.

Eliminates Need for Plastic and Focuses on Advanced Filtration

One of the goals of any water filtration system is to provide water that tastes good to the consumer. The innovative design of the Refill Station is modern, technology-driven, and user-friendly. None of this would matter, though, if the water isn’t pleasant to drink. Here is where the details come into play to provide people the best-tasting water in a sustainable fashion. For starters, the water is chilled to an optimal temperature of 42° for a cool, crisp taste with every use.

The water also goes through an advanced purification process that involves seven levels of filtration. The Refill Station uses your existing water source and removes up to 99% of impurities typically found in tap water. At the same time, it adds trace elements of essential minerals and electrolytes so you don’t miss out on any of the benefits of water that comes from the tap or that you might find in bottled beverages. Bottled water companies boast purification and “added flavor” but FloWater is the only filtration system that follows this multi-step process without any unnatural additives or sugars. Plus, this solution has a far better environmental impact compared to other water companies.

Seven Steps to Advanced Purification

FloWater’s 7x Advanced Purification improves the water and delivers a delicious taste within seconds to you. It follows a step-by-step path of filtration that isn’t like anything else that’s available on the market. It purifies the water, improves the taste, and ends with a unique finish.

  • Sediment Filter – catches dirt and solid impurities
  • Carbon Filter – removes smaller particles such as chlorine, radon, and heavy metals that often leave unpleasant odors and taste
  • Advanced Osmosis Filter – filters for the third time to remove any remaining contaminants like fluoride, bacteria, lead, and possible pesticides, viruses, and pharmaceuticals
  • Activated Oxygen Filter – sanitizes the tanks and internal system by adding small amounts of activated oxygen which naturally removes impurities and increases oxygen in the water
  • Alkaline Filter – enhances the water with a proprietary blend of ten trace minerals to help neutralize acidity in the body 
  • Electrolyte Filter – supports healthy body function by including magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium (the same electrolytes found in sports drinks, coconut water, and bottled water)
  • Coconut Carbon Filter – provides a clean, fresh taste by using a filter made of real coconut husks

The multiple filters help to ensure there’s no trace of contaminants left behind. The result is chilled, great-tasting water that keeps people hydrated and eliminates the need for disposable water bottles. This solution encourages people to make the change to only use reusable bottles. The more people become accustomed to this solution, the more it helps alleviate the planet’s pollution problem.

Reduces Health Effects From Plastic Water Bottle Use

Pollution from bottled water doesn’t only affect the planet. It’s harmful to the body as well. The production, use, and disposal of plastic impacts water systems, which ultimately affects human health. At each stage of exposure to plastic, there are a variety of toxic chemicals and microplastics that can be ingested or inhaled. At the transportation and manufacturing stages, emissions, such as benzene, are given off, which can affect the immune system and cause damage to various organs and lead to certain types of cancers. 

In the consumer use stage, heavy metals, carcinogens, and microplastics may be directly ingested and can affect multiple health functions, including the cardiovascular, reproductive, and respiratory systems. The same health pollutants are found in the waste management stage as plastic bottles wait to be broken down in landfills or dumped into the ocean. This also affects fish and other marine life, another impact for anyone who includes fish and seafood into their diet.

As you can see, there are many dangers of drinking from plastic bottles. Even in its early stages, plastic already creates problems that lead to lasting effects on people and the environment. Ecosystems are disturbed and human health is at risk because of the chemicals and toxins that are given off. In short, it takes more fossil fuel energy at a higher cost to produce something that’s ultimately harmful than choosing a sustainable solution that’s free of chemicals and more cost-effective.

Makes “Going Green” Convenient

In addition to creating purified water that tastes great, an eco-friendly system has to be convenient. Convenience is one of the reasons people turn to plastic water bottles to stay hydrated, especially when on the move. Now with more water refill stations available in airports, fitness clubs, and hotels, it makes switching over even easier. Just as people have relied on drinking fountains and plastic water bottles for years, they’ll start seeing sustainable stations in more places and realize the convenient benefits they have to offer too.

One benefit is how it helps travelers, specifically those who fly frequently. Rather than gulping from an already opened plastic water bottle before the security line, travelers take their empty, reusable containers and fill them up between gates. It’s convenient and more cost-friendly than the alternative and leaves them filled with fresh water at all times. However, airports aren’t the only places where water refill stations make sense. There are several other areas where they are making a difference in people’s lives. 

Schools, businesses, hotels, gyms, and outdoor events also benefit from FloWater’s Water Refill Station. It reduces the amount of plastic waste on campuses and in company offices and promotes healthy habits. It also provides a nice amenity for hotel guests, gym members, and event attendees. The station’s tanks are automatically refilled so there’s always cold, pure water available making it ideal as a hydration station for events. Plus, it only takes 9 seconds to fill a 24-oz. bottle, which might not seem like a huge timesaver, but in comparison, typical water fountains or jugs can take up to a minute or more to completely fill up!  In today’s world of immediacy, a few seconds make a world of difference to the person on the other end. 

This level of convenience is appreciated and guides people to choose more eco-friendly solutions when it comes to where they get their water. One example of FloWater’s positive impact is customer research that shows how it’s improved employee wellness and office sustainability. The results reveal that

  • 76% of employees drink more water
  • 54% stopped using plastic water bottles
  • 54% reduced consumption of other beverages

The generations that largely make up today’s workforce crave sustainability and factor it into their decision-making when working with companies and buying from brands. They care about making purposeful choices to help preserve the planet and create a better future.

Using a 32-oz. reusable water bottle saves approximately 1,460 plastic bottles per year. This estimation is based on the fact that the average person needs to drink the equivalent of at least four plastic water bottles per day to reach the target daily water intake. Drawing from this statistic, a company of 60 people that uses a FloWater Water Refill Station rather than bottled water can eliminate the pollution caused by 87,600 plastic bottles. A school of 500 students can save over 700,000 and so on. The results are remarkable even if one person makes the change.

Enjoy Pure Water and Do Your Part For The Planet

Who knew it would be so easy to enjoy both delicious tasting water and leave a greater carbon footprint at the same time? Slowly but surely, people have begun to change their water-drinking habits to embrace sustainable solutions. First, it was the surge of reusable water bottles. A step in the right direction but still room for growth. And now, with the advanced technology available from a filtration system that purifies water seven times, it has given people the alternative they’ve been looking for in an eco-friendly, convenient way. 

Every time you use a water refill station versus a plastic water bottle, there is that much less energy, chemicals, and plastic waste produced. As more people adapt to this solution, they are helping to eliminate pollution from our oceans and ecosystems and are protecting the future of our planet. Clean water is a necessity but plastic water bottles are not. There is a way to get clean, crisp-tasting water without contributing to plastic waste. The eco-conscious actions we take now do make a difference. With the FloWater advanced water purification system, you can help put a stop to plastic bottled water pollution and positively impact everybody.