Eliminating Plastic Water Bottles From Companies

Eliminating Plastic Water Bottles From Companies

Sustainability is not a trend by rather a must-have initiative, especially in states like California where cities are making big moves to reduce their contribution to the plastic waste problem. Companies and individuals can start at the basic levels of creating sustainability in the workplace by eliminating plastic water bottles. Unfortunately, having these regularly available has become a norm for so many businesses that the thought of doing without them seems unheard of. 

But when you think about how much plastic waste is created by even the smallest company, the idea of sustainability starts to look better and better. The benefits are numerous while the consequences are non-existent. Improving sustainability in the workplace is not about taking away a resource, but rather finding better ways to get it. 

Removing plastic water bottles from companies equals less waste, less cost, and less maintenance. It also means increased office sustainability, a strong environmental impact, and better alignment to what employees are looking for in companies today. Business owners who want to achieve these benefits should make eliminating plastic water bottles their priority with greener office ideas and replace with FloWater.


Less Plastic Waste Has a Ripple Effect

Despite our best efforts, the majority of plastic waste still ends up at the landfill, unrecycled and slow to decompose. What doesn’t fit at the landfill makes it way into the ocean and pollutes the marine life. By removing a major component by eliminating single-use plastic water bottles, it helps to curb this cyclical effect and promotes a healthier, greener environment. 

When a company stops using plastic water bottles, they’re also halting the need for production, packaging, and transportation for delivery, all of which takes great amounts of energy and resources. On the surface, it may seem like a small effort, but enough of these types of initiatives can create meaningful change. 

Companies that use the FloWater Refill Station as an office water dispenser alternative to single-use plastic water bottles can see just how much plastic waste is saved by the station’s tracker. It provides employees a sense of pride of doing something positive for the environment, while getting the hydration they need throughout the day.


Reduced Cost Leaves Room for Eco-Friendly Investments

Another benefit of using a water refilling station and eliminating plastic water bottles is that it reduces supplies costs. The amount for a water jug subscription or regular deliveries of single-use water bottles can be used for office supplies that are eco-friendly. Items like energy-efficient light bulbs or plants are good choices to liven up a workspace, while also considering the environment at the same time. 

Another option is to install a filtered water dispenser and shift the supplies cost to buy reusable water bottles for all employees to encourage them to drink clean water. Aside from the monetary value saved when getting rid of plastic water bottles, it eliminates the cost to the environment that begins at the production stage and all the way through to when the bottles of water are thrown away or recycled. 


Minimal Maintenance Required for a Refill Station

Switching to a FloWater Refill Station require minimal maintenance. The water dispenser is self-sanitizing and is designed to reduce the buildup of grime, dirt, and germs with a recessed nozzle and a large filling area. It replenishes automatically so nothing has to be swapped out or moved to receive purified, clean water on demand. The station easily fits into any space and requires only a weekly wipe down of the outside panels to keep it in good shape. When the filter needs replaced, a certified technician comes to take care of it onsite. 

The filling stations can handle a large capacity of people without delay and the water dispensed is cold and refreshing every time. The speed, convenience, and consistency of the refill station meets the needs of large companies with people on-the-go who need to fill up their water containers in a hurry. It only takes nine seconds to fill up a 24-oz. bottle before it’s ready for the next person. This makes it an optimal solution for in-office demands and also, for offsite corporate events as well.


Increased Office Sustainability to Promote Better Habits

Eliminating plastic water bottles also means that companies will never run out of this necessary resource. When there are visitors, meetings, or other events when water bottles are frequently used, it’s better to have an office water filter system on hand. There’s less set up time and clean up necessary and it doesn’t put a strain on resources. Companies can fill up pitchers or carafes to offer guests and employees can use reusable water bottles to get the hydration they need.

When fresh, great-tasting water is readily available, it naturally encourages people to drink more. It’s unlikely that each person will drink four, 16-oz. plastic bottles worth of water a day. It’s far easier for them to drink this same amount by refilling their own container a few times. Employees need to stay hydrated to stay alert and focused. By installing a drinking water station that has it constantly available, it helps to support this healthy habit.

Stronger Environmental Impact Over the Long-Term

Energy is used for every part of the bottled water process. From production to packaging to how it gets to your front door. All of that energy is then wasted since the majority of plastic water bottles do not get recycled. They clog up landfills and leak chemicals into the environment that’s harmful to the air we breathe. As some states have started to eliminate their use in main public areas, they’ve also created new solutions to still give people access to purified drinking water. 

In California, specifically, there have been a growing number of water filtration systems installed at airports like SFO and LAX. There has also been an increased evaluation in the condition and quality of the water fountains in parks and other public spaces. Knowing that there is fresh water available prompt people to use reusable bottles more and use plastic water bottles less. All of these changes lead to a positive impact on the environment. 


Better Alignment with Today’s Employee Values

Environmentalism and sustainability are main topics that resonate strongly with today’s workforce. Many are largely inclined to join a company that follows sustainability best practices versus working for one that doesn’t. By eliminating plastic water bottles and following other eco-friendly initiatives, this works as a competitive advantage for businesses. 

To reach the most qualified candidates, it’s necessary to align with what they’re looking for from a company overall not necessarily broken down into individual offerings. People today want companies that enhance employee experience by aligning with their values and fulfill them with purpose with regards to their role in the company. 


How to Get Rid of Plastic Water Bottles for Good

The goal when making the switch from using plastic water bottles to relying on a water filtration system is to take inventory of how much bottled water you have left in stock or part of a contract and plan to have the system installed and ready to go as soon as it ends. That way there’s no delay in providing filtered water to the company. Employees will be able to adapt easily with communication to let them know to bring in their own reusable bottles or have them on hand for use. Once plastic water bottles are no longer available, employees will take to the replacement, especially when there’s a crisp, refreshing solution in its place.

The multi-step filtration process makes FloWater the best on the market in terms of quality and taste. It removes all impurities, chemicals, and odors from tap water and adds in electrolytes and essential minerals to improve the taste and promote good health. The recessed nozzle and dispensing area is designed so the lip of the bottle never touches where the water comes out to limit the spread of germs, an important consideration for companies. Plus, it’s able to fulfill the needs of a large capacity of people quickly. Although not everyone will be filling up their bottles of water at once, it works well when there’s a lunch rush or an upcoming meeting to accommodate.

Companies should prioritize eliminating plastic water bottles for the sake of cost to the business and the environment. Proper hydration is critical to optimal health and with the addition of filling stations, it focuses on maintaining healthy employees. They get sick less and miss fewer days of work due to illness. Additionally, people are constantly searching for ways to be eco-friendly and this is an easy solution that can be applied across an entire company. 

All employees want is water that tastes great and is readily available for consumption. They get both of these sustainable benefits and more with FloWater. Making the switch is a matter of logistics more than it is having people get used to not using plastic bottles. Installing a purified water dispenser can actually boost how much water they drink per day which can help with their work performance and productivity. Eliminating single-use water bottles from the workplace may seem like a growing trend, but soon, it will become the norm for the majority of companies.