5 Benefits of Having an Office Water Filtration System

5 Benefits of Having an Office Water Filtration System

Few like the thought of drinking tap water and plastic water jugs seem like a thing of the past. Where does that leave us when it comes to staying hydrated throughout the day in the office? FloWater’s Refill Stations fit in nicely with the modern world by providing filtered drinking water on a consistent basis without the need for one-time use plastic bottles. The taste, convenience, and innovation boosts employee wellness and productivity, a plus for both employers and their employees. In fact, if you’re looking for additional employee satisfaction ideas, we cover everything you need to know.

Before you think about renewing your subscription for a cumbersome water cooler or leaving your employees without water service altogether, consider the benefits of installing an office water filter system and how much of a difference it would make to your company’s culture. A hydrated workforce is a healthy one. Coffee, tea, and energy drinks are all popular in many organizations, but not a necessity. Everyone needs access to fresh, purified water.

The benefits of installing an office water filter system are that it will encourage employees to stay hydrated, reduce the amount of plastic waste in the building, provide a clean, refreshing beverage option as an alternative to sugary or highly caffeinated soft drinks, accommodate the needs of many, and require minimal maintenance. 

Benefit #1: Employees Drink More Water Safely

Looking for a great reason to install a water dispenser with a reverse osmosis filtration system? Customer research shows that installing a FloWater hydration station prompts 76% of employees to drink more great-tasting water. In addition, 77% use a refillable container and 54% reduce consumption of other beverages. This is valuable to a person’s wellness and performance levels since hydration is one of the main keys to good health. Although it’s recommended to drink at least 64 ounces of high-quality water a day, few actually achieve this number.

Water dehydration symptoms can cause lack of focus, fatigue, and a weaker immune system, all symptoms that impact a workplace in a negative way. Many opt to get a boost of energy by drinking coffee or energy drinks only to fizzle out a few hours later. By having an office water dispenser, it gives employees access to great-tasting, filtered water to stay properly hydrated throughout the day without sugar or caffeine.

Plus, during the COVID-19 era, many water fountains and traditional water coolers have been out of use, leaving many employees really thirsty! An office water filtration system can provide virus-free bacteria-free, and odor-free drinking water to all of your coworkers, keeping them healthy and hydrated. 

Benefit #2: Offices Maintain Less Plastic Waste

Investing in a water dispenser filtration system means you can say goodbye to using a single-use plastic bottle. Swapping out the use of single-use plastic bottles with an office water filter system immediately reduces the amount of plastic waste generated on a daily basis. The water station tracks how much plastic waste is being eliminated, which helps to encourage employees to bring their own reusable water bottles or containers to fill up as frequently as they want. Since the FloWater Refill Station can fit any size container, it often requires less trips to get the hydration they need to keep them going throughout the day. 

In addition to reducing the amount of plastic waste, it also eliminates the need for a monthly water delivery system or regular store orders for cases of single-use bottled water. Encouraging eco-friendly practices at work can lead to employees taking these habits into their personal lives as well, all of which leads to a greener planet. Help your employees at work with the top-notch water purification systems featured in our refill stations.

Benefit #3: Delivers a Clean, Refreshing Taste

Not all tap water tastes the same, which is why the majority of people tend to shy away from consuming it. FloWater is passed through seven stages of filtration to dispense crisp, room temperature, and/or cold water every time. The first three filters focus on removing all traces of impurities, contaminants, sediment, and chemicals from the tap water source. The second three filters are designed to enhance and improve the drinking water’s taste and health components.

In the fifth filtering stage, ten trace minerals are added to the tap water to neutralize acidity. Following that in the sixth stage, four main electrolytes (potassium, sodium, magnesium, and calcium) are added to help with cell repair and immune defense. The transformation is complete after the seventh and final coconut carbon filter, which removes any lingering odors and delivers FloWater’s clean, delicious taste at a level that’s unmatched.

Benefit #4: Meets the Needs of Many

Companies that rely on water jugs to provide clean water for their employees know all too well the problems that arise when it runs out before the new one is scheduled to arrive. An office water filter system like FloWater holds seven gallons of purified water on-demand without ever running it. It auto-replenishes and dispenses water quickly, which is especially helpful for companies with a high number of employees who are constantly filling up. 

Whether you need it for clean, hot water for coffee, a Cup O’ Noodles, or simply to stay hydrated, employees can rest assured that the quality of water they’re drinking meets the highest standards. There’s no worries about waiting for the office water jug to be refilled or plastic water bottles to be ordered. 

Breakrooms, office gyms, and large conference areas are among the favorable choices for installation, but anywhere that has a standard electrical wall outlet and a water source within 200 feet will work. Strategically place several stations throughout depending on your company’s size and needs. Help your employees and customers with a pure refreshment from the water filtration systems in our dispensers.

Benefit #5: Requires Minimal Maintenance

With steady use during the day, it’s best to have an office water filter system that requires minimal maintenance. The FloWater Refill Station uses activated oxygen to provide chemical-free sanitization for the internal system and tanks. Additionally, the outer design of the station results in less dirt and grime. It has a one-touch button to fill and a hidden catchment tray, which means there’s never standing water that pools like with water faucets are other types of water dispensers.

The recessed dispense nozzle ensures the mouth of a bottle never touches where the pure drinking water comes out. This helps to eliminate the spread of germs, a common occurrence in workplaces.

A quick wipedown of the station’s exterior once a week is all that’s needed to keep it in premium condition. Then, when it’s time to change the filter, a service will appear to call one of our certified technicians who’ll be able to come out and handle it for you right away. 

Encouraging More Water Consumption in the Workplace

Hydration helps to elevate productivity levels and maintain healthy employees. To encourage employees to have more purified drinking water on a daily basis, try the following:

  • Initiate an inter-department water challenge. Whichever team consumes the most during the month receives a prize. 
  • Provide a company-branded reusable water bottle during a new employee’s onboarding process. 
  • Limit the amount of other types of drinks available in the office. Make water the number one beverage of choice. 
  • Introduce the availability of a hydration station as part of greener office ideas and/or wellness initiative. 
  • Set up a station that includes individual tea bags and sliced fruit for employees who want to flavor their water.
  • Use FloWater Refill Stations for company-sponsored events. Our portable water stations will cut down on costs and waste from single-use plastic water bottles and provide a self-service solution while gaining the benefits of reverse osmosis.

Want to know what else will help increase safe drinking water consumption in the office? When in doubt, ask! Send out an employee survey with questions that ask how much they’d value a hydration station, what they’re looking for to improve company wellness, and suggestions for changes to make. 

When you involve employees in the decision-making and listen to their needs and requests, they are more likely to positively engage and create a better working environment. These improvements can all start with the addition of a single hydration station. 

What Makes FloWater Unique?

With built-in benefits and a more sustainable solution than single-use water bottles or jugs, FloWater does the job of eliminating plastic water bottles and has environmentally-friendly features to keep energy costs low. When managing the needs of employees, this office water filter system delivers pure water on all levels. 

FloWater transforms tap water into purified water that goes through seven different stages of filtration. Each step is designed to remove sediments, chemicals, and odors and improve the water’s taste and health benefits. In short, it takes out the bad and adds in the good. Also, the modern design of the refill station fits into any office space and delivers a steady stream of clean water for companies of all sizes. There are different options to determine which will work best for your space. 

Major corporations such as Google, Microsoft, and Red Bull already use FloWater water solutions to encourage sustainability in the workplace. Providing great-tasting, purified water is part of the wellness perks that many companies have in order to stay competitive among top talent. Employees are drawn to what’s most convenient and what tastes the best. A FloWater Refill Station is the answer for both. The result is a hydrated and healthy workforce that performs better and doesn’t rely as heavily on caffeinated beverages to get them through the day. 

As companies continue to look for ways to improve their culture, the focus always comes back to enhancing employee experience and improving well-being. What do people need to feel and perform their best when at work? The addition of a water filtration system is a logical answer that offers numerous benefits to all. When combined with other wellness initiatives like the addition of a meditation room, gym memberships, and company retreats, it gives employees the benefits and motivation often needed to be successful.