Why Your Next Event Needs a Water Station Solution

Why Your Next Event Needs a Water Station Solution

Ever notice how scarce water stations seem to be at events? Many outdoor festivals last the whole day, if not the entire weekend, and are held during the warmer months of the year. This means bigger crowds, hotter temperatures, and thirsts that need quenched more regularly. This leads guests to wonder where is the water machine near me! Although some venues now allow empty reusable water containers inside the venue, once you’re out of your supply, the only option is to find a nearby water fountain, which may not always be the ideal choice. The lines are long, the water itself is often not good, and the area around it may not be the cleanest.

Adding event water stations to the mix allows attendees to better withstand long hours in the sun and stay hydrated. These stations can accommodate large crowds and deliver purified, chilled, great-tasting water. The fast-fill of the FloWater Water Refill Station allows lines to move quickly and keep the party going. They are perfect for any size of event including: 

  • Corporate field days
  • Local farmers markets
  • Music festivals
  • 5K runs
  • Outdoor races
  • Charity events

A hydration station rental is a valuable solution for many reasons and can serve as a huge benefit to attendees (and event planners). They help to reduce the amount of plastic waste onsite, allow attendees to stay hydrated, minimize wait times and don’t cause any extra maintenance for the grounds crew. As a bonus, it’s a strategic way for organizations to brand themselves and receive reporting and sustainability metrics to gauge success post-event. 

Attendees consider every part of the event experience which includes everything from the state of the facilities to the types of amenities provided. If you’re considering having purified water stations at your next function, consider these benefits.

Reduces Amount of Plastic Waste

One of the year’s most popular events is Coachella, a two-weekend, three-day music festival that attracts tens of thousands of fans every year. It’s located in the desert in triple-digit temperatures, which means water is a must. Despite recent attempts to reduce the amount of plastic waste (attendees are invited to swap empty plastic water bottles for prizes and swag), the festival generates an estimated 107 tons of waste per day with only 20 percent of it recycled. This is only one example of one type of event where plastic bottle waste runs rampant. 

As an eco-friendly alternative, event water stations meet purified water needs without resorting to plastic. When attendees fill up their reusable bottles or jugs, the water comes out at a chilled 42° rather than the lukewarm temperature from water bottles that have spent too long in the sun. There’s nothing refreshing about warm water. It fits any size container, which helps attendees reduce the number of trips they have to make to the dispenser to fill up. 

When attending events and festivals, there are better ways to stay hydrated than having to resort to using plastic bottles. A water refill station is an optimal solution to reduce the amount of plastic waste that likely will end up in the ocean or landfill and not be recycled. It’s a particularly smart option for charities that are hosting fundraising events specific to environmental causes. What better way to practice eco-friendly habits than by having an energy-efficient water station onsite that offers attendees clean, crisp water.

Unfortunately, it’s projected that by 2025 there will be more plastic waste in our waters than there are fish in the sea. With tons of plastic causing a continuous disruption of marine life or slowly breaking down in overflowing landfills, every non-use of plastic steers the environment in a better direction. Not to mention it’s more convenient and cost-friendly to carry your own reusable water container versus spending money on small, one-time-use plastic water bottles.

Allows Attendees to Stay Hydrated

Another benefit of a water station at your next event is how well a refill station helps to keep people hydrated. This is an important factor to prevent heatstroke, dizziness, or other symptoms as a result of heat and dehydration. It encourages people to drink more water throughout the day because make it easy for them to fill up their reusable containers quickly. Drinking bottled water, soda, and other beverages throughout an entire event can really add up in terms of cost and plastic waste. And drinking sugar-filled or alcoholic drinks don’t contribute to hydration.

For festivals or events that serve alcoholic beverages, it’s even more important that water is available for those who choose not to drink or to help people balance how much they drink throughout the day. It’s common for events to have a sponsored bottle of water or a small cup from a water cooler available, but that’s not nearly enough to maintain hydration through a whole afternoon. A refill station never runs out of purified water. It refills its seven-gallon tanks automatically. Attendees can have a refreshing drink whenever they need it.

The sleek design of the water refill station also makes it more exciting for your event than your average water fountain. Consider handing out reusable water bottles for attendees to encourage them to use it during the day. Also, for areas that cover a lot of ground, people prefer to fill up only once if they can. Fortunately, the station holds a gallon jug just as easily as it holds a regular 12-oz. bottle so that’s definitely doable.

Minimizes Water Refill Station Lines

One thing all events have in common is lines. There is a line for everything – the parking lot, the bathroom, and concession stands. One line that moves quickly, though, is the water station line. FloWater fills a 24-oz. bottle in 9 seconds, which is 45 seconds faster than the average drinking fountain or water cooler. When you multiply those precious seconds times hundreds of people waiting in line at any given time, it makes quite a difference. Even if you’re hosting a smaller event like a company picnic or employee activity, you don’t want people missing out on the fun because they’ve had to wait in line for water.

With its easy, one-touch button, there’s less chance for spills, overflows, and watery puddles surrounding the station. It’s quick, convenient, and when the line is slower or the event is in full swing, there are energy-efficient features which keep the operating costs lower. LED lights and a sleep mode conserve energy when the station isn’t active. It’s there when you need it, but not wasting power when you don’t.

No Maintenance For The Grounds Crew

An additional benefit of a water station goes to the grounds crew, who stand in the background while everyone else is having fun. They set up, take down, and handle all the logistics and operations throughout the entire function. This means regular maintenance of the venue, picking up trash, swapping out garbage bags, and ensuring everything is running as smoothly as possible. There’s a lot of work that goes into hosting an event as any planner and any staff member will tell you, much of it happens behind the scenes.

With a purified water system, there’s no need to refill water jugs or worry about running out of water cups for an event. The self-sanitizing tanks refill automatically after water is dispensed. There is also an internal drain pump which means no one has to empty the tray, which eliminates the chance for germs to collect in standing water. A water station has less dirt and grime than standard options like drinking fountains or water coolers.  

Essentially, it’s an automatic solution that is one less thing for a grounds crew to worry about the day of the event. It’s set up by a certified FloWater technician and sits ready to go until the party starts. It can accommodate a large number of people without needing anything that can end up as trash later on. 

Provides a Safer, More Sanitary Water Option

One wrong water source and a whole crowd of people can become sick and the event can quickly turn into a disaster. This was a lesson learned quickly several years ago when Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon runners in Las Vegas fell ill, which many blamed on the lack of water available and the unsanitary conditions of some of the stations. 

Water fountains often aren’t the most optimal choice either. People may try to dump non-liquid items down the drain or the water may barely trickle out. Event attendees also put themselves at risk when drinking from plastic water bottles that have been sitting in the sun and may emit chemicals into the atmosphere. There are dangers surrounding each of these water sources because there’s always a chance for the quality to be compromised. 

To prevent these risks, event water stations are the answer. First, they have enough room in the dispensing area to fit any size container without making contact with the nozzle. Secondly, the seven-step filtration system ensures the water people drink is 99% free of contaminants often found in regular tap water. It eliminates sediments, solids, and strange odors and tastes from the water so that what’s left is fresh-tasting and crisp. Third, it eliminates the need for plastic.

Breakdown of FloWater’s 7x Advanced Purification

How do you get water that’s 99% pure? There are seven filtration levels in total that are designed to both purify and improve the taste of the water. FloWater uses your existing water source and transforms it into filtered water that is highly purified. 

  • The sediment filter removes dirt, dust, rust, and other suspended solids from the water that may exist in the tap water or pipes.
  • The carbon filter removes particles such as chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, and chlorine that may also be present. 
  • The advanced osmosis filter removes another layer of contaminants like bacteria, viruses, pharmaceuticals, and other harmful elements that can infiltrate a tap water system. 
  • The activated oxygen filter increases the level of oxygen in the water, which helps to improve the taste. Plus, it serves as a self-sanitizer for the tanks and internal system.
  • The alkaline enhancement filter adds a proprietary mix of ten trace elements to raise the pH level of the water. This helps to neutralize the acid in your body to relieve stress on your internal organs.
  • The electrolytes filter, like those found in a sports drink and coconut water, are added to help aid cell repair, bone strength, and immune defense. These are magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium. 
  • The coconut carbon filter is the final part of the unique purification process. It’s made of coconut husks that help to absorb odors and tiny particles while boosting the taste.

This filtration system raises water standards to ensure that the end result is a pure product that’s easily consumable and delicious to drink.

Source a Water Station Solution That’s a Crowd Pleaser

Planning a successful event takes work. There are several details to consider before the event takes place. Keeping guests hydrated is one of them. Choosing a purified water station provides benefits to attendees as well as those working behind the scenes. Simply put, it provides a purer way to drink water. It’s user-friendly and convenient for people to use. There’s no maintenance or concern about running out since the station refills on its own. It elevates the event experience on many levels.

For the increasing number of countrywide festivals, concerts, races, and other events that take place every year, in addition to the smaller-sized company picnics and parties that occur, it makes sense for everyone to turn to a more sustainable solution to keep a crowd hydrated. Plastic waste at the level it’s happening is too dangerous to our environment. Plus, it causes too extra work for people who are collecting trash and trying to recycle as much as they can.

Think about how much one water refill station can do for the environment as a replacement for thousands of plastic bottles or cups. Attendees will be appreciative of an event where they can get a cool drink of freshwater whenever they want while also indirectly doing their part for the environment. The benefits of this advanced water station solution are endless and it can only mean success for your next big event.