Using a Water Cooler Dispenser in Your School

Using a Water Cooler Dispenser in Your School

 The ways students quench their thirst at school has changed over the years. It used to be drinking from the standard water fountain and getting mini cartons of milk with school lunch. Then, it changed to kids buying sodas, bottled water, and sports drinks from vending machines when they were thirsty or needed a jolt of caffeine to make it through the day. In today’s world, as behaviors evolve, students want more offered to them. 

Students want clean, crisp, cool water that doesn’t come from a one-time use plastic bottle. This want by the students is one of the many reasons why there has been a steady increase in the popularity of reusable water bottles. However, the water that flows from outdated water fountains won’t suffice. What’s the answer then? The newest solution is a machine that dispenses quality filtered water for free to students. FloWater goes through seven stages of filtration; the result is the purest water available. FloWater’s Water Refill Stations gives a convenient option to have quality water students need, encouraging them to drink more.  

The accessibility of pure water helps students stay hydrated and more focused. Customer research indicates that a majority of 86% prefer the taste of FloWater over tap water. It also helps to reduce the use of bottled water and the number of sugary beverages students drink. Installing a water cooler dispenser in grade schools, high schools, and college campuses give students and faculty a way to get their daily water intake in a way that’s beneficial to them and the environment.  Among its many benefits, a water cooler dispenser is convenient, can serve a high capacity, and provides the healthiest way to stay hydrated.  

Benefit #1: Convenience and Capability to Serve a High Capacity

There are hundreds to thousands of students that make up a single campus. The slow output of an old water fountain or the lack of resources to get fresh drinking water during the day leads to dehydration during one of the most active times of a person’s life. Rather than having a water bottle or a water jug with throwaway cups available in the classroom, halls, or playing fields. The best solution are water bottle filling stations for schools that can serve the needs of many students quickly and without the need for plastic bottles.

The innovative hydration station holds seven gallons of purified water at all times. There’s no waiting for water jugs or vending machines to be replenished. The water cooler can dispense water to fill a 24-ounce. reusable bottle in 9 seconds. In comparison to a drinking fountain or regular water cooler, this is 45 seconds faster. The timely efficiency makes a vast difference, especially when there is a crowd of people waiting to fill up their containers. Students don’t have a lot of time between classes to grab a drink and go; this speeds up the process significantly and makes it far more convenient for them.

The design of the water refill station also equals less mess and more sanitization than the average water dispenser. There is no need to stick the lip of a water container right up to a faucet head or cooler spout. There is a recessed dispense nozzle and a one-touch push button to fill any size of the water container. A hidden catchment tray allows less buildup of grime and germs, and activated oxygen used in one of the filtering steps serves as free sanitation for the internal tanks. Altogether, FloWater’s Water Refill Stations provide convenience, with less waste and maintenance that normally comes with average water dispensers, faucets, and plastic water bottles. 

Benefit #2: It’s The Healthiest Option For Improved Hydration

Ask any medical expert; the best way to stay hydrated is to drink more water. Not soda, coffee, or other beverages, just pure, clean, refreshing water. The challenge is, sometimes great-tasting water isn’t immediately available as regularly as other options. If there were water refilling stations installed in schools, this would give students a built-in solution to their hydration needs. Accessibility leads to the opportunity to make healthier choices. 

When people do not drink water often, they become dehydrated. Dehydration affects both their physical and mental health. It makes people feel more fatigued, experience muscle cramps, and lose focus more easily, none of which is ideal in a learning environment. It’s even more important to stay hydrated when participating in sports and other physical activity, which is common for a majority of high school and college students. Finally, dehydration often goes unrecognized until someone becomes ill. Proper hydration helps to limit illness and, subsequently, days of missed school. 

In general, using a water cooler dispenser in schools promotes positive habits.  It gives students and teachers access to clean water to help them perform better throughout the school year. Many times people will grab what’s easiest. When the sole option is a pure water dispenser, it becomes second nature to fill up from what’s right in front of them. Introduce healthier options while slowly eliminating harmful ones. 

Benefit #3: Purified Water Without The Risk to The Environment

Students of today are concerned with what’s happening with the planet; they want to do as much as possible to protect the environment. Many become active in their communities and on social media through recycling efforts and supporting eco-friendly brands. Although plastic water bottles are still common, many students have made the switch to using reusable water containers only. They’ll fill up at home, but what are their options at school when their bottles run empty? FloWater’s Water Refill Station gives them what they need without leaving behind nearly as big of a carbon footprint.

The refill station uses energy-efficient LED lights and a sleep mode for when the system isn’t in use. The LED lights result in low operating costs, while still providing a high-quality product. It greatly reduces the amount of plastic waste found on campus and helps increase the sustainability efforts of schools. Students want what’s convenient and what tastes good, but there is also rising concern about what part they play in protecting the planet. The fact that they can get all three benefits from one water place makes a difference in how they stay hydrated.

Benefit #4: Expands Beyond Student-Only Use

One of the big-picture benefits of installing a water cooler dispenser is that it makes 99% filtered water readily available to guests of the school. Most campuses play host to members outside of the local community due to games, conferences, debates, and other extracurricular activities offered to both staff and students. Schools are also a popular place to hold non-school related events like concerts, festivals, and other happenings within a city. 

A hydration station can easily accommodate larger crowds much better than a water faucet can. It also is helpful for school administrators who want to reduce the amount of plastic being used and brought onto the school grounds. It gives them the opportunity to brand their school through reusable water bottles, which can be used by all students, faculty, and guests for the duration of their stay. It doesn’t require anyone to operate  a water station or pass out bottled water to keep people hydrated. A water cooler dispenser allows guests to serve themselves whenever they need a drink.

Allow Students to Get More From Their Water

Customer research shows FloWater has helped people drink more water, refrain from using plastic water bottles, and lessen the consumption of other beverages. This all leads to healthier students, which contributes to higher attendance and productivity during school hours. The reason why a majority of people prefer the taste over drinking fountain water is because of the cool, crisp taste. This is achieved by following an advanced, seven-step filtration process.

FloWater transforms tap water into purified drinking water that’s ready to drink on-demand. Old water pipes made of lead and other hazardous materials leave behind chemicals and particles that end up in the water supply that makes it unsafe to drink. FloWater’s advanced filtration system removes all impurities, odors, and tastes that are commonly found in regular drinking water. Plus, It enhances the water with electrolytes people search for in sports drinks, but without the added calories and sugars found in those beverages. 

In conclusion, the coconut carbon filter gives the water the fresh, delicious taste everyone wants. Then, the water is chilled to an optimal 42 degrees, making it the ideal drinking temperature. The water is dispensed in under 10 seconds and is replenished automatically after every use. It can quickly serve a crowd of students and dispense the same cold, quality water every time.

There are handy options available today that we didn’t have in the recent past to help promote hydration and good health. By introducing water cooler dispensers in school, it delivers on the convenience factor students want and gives them great-tasting water free of contaminants without the need for plastic. It’s better than bottled water, drinking fountains, and vending machine selections.  

Since FloWater speaks to student lifestyles more closely, it’s a one-to-many solution that takes care of an entire campus with a few water dispensers. Making FloWateran advantage to any school that decides to install them.