Plastic Free Travel Guide

Ocean and Waterfall

Can you believe Plastic Free July is already coming to a close? Although the challenge is finished at the end of this month, you can continue to bring your new eco-friendly habits into your life.


It’s one thing to be plastic free in your day-to-day, but it can be really hard to avoid plastic while traveling. From eating out at the airport to those pesky plastic cups on the plane, we have a few tips to help you stay plastic free during your adventures.


  1. Avoid plastic wrapped airplane food and bring your own! Hit up the bulk section in your local grocery store and fill a reusable bag with your favorite treats. Stasher makes a great silicone option to the ‘plastic baggie’ that you can reuse to store your own airplane snacks and goodies.
  2. Bring a reusable bottle to avoid plastic during your entire trip. You can bring a reusable bottle through security as long as it is empty. There are typically water fountains around the concourse, or if you are in the Oakland airport, you can now fill up with FloWater! Now that you have a full water bottle, you can avoid plastic drink cups on the plane and plastic water bottles throughout your trip. And let’s be real, airports are ruthless when it comes to prices, and I try to avoid paying $8 for water whenever I can. Even better, when you arrive at your hotel and they have a lobby water dispenser, you’ll be able to take advantage without being wasteful!
  3. I have water… but I could really go for an iced coffee before my flight. Spare some room in your carry on and bring a to-go cup and a reusable straw. Miir makes a great insulated tumbler to keep your beverage hot or cold. Also, make sure to check out the Final Straw for their revolutionary collapsible straw.  Now you can use your reusable duo for coffee, or cocktails by the beach during your entire trip!
  4. A reusable bag always comes in handy while traveling! They are perfect for the beach and shopping trips. The Package Free Shop has a ton of stylish options so you don’t have to sport a reusable grocery bag on your vacation.
  5. Remember to bring your headphones! Airlines usually hand out complementary plastic wrapped headphones that are typically very cheap and don’t last very long. Invest in a good pair that you know will last you a while!