Plastic Free July: Tips For a Sustainable Workplace

Plastic Free July: Tips For a Sustainable Workplace


Plastic Free July is an idea that started on the West Coast of Australia in 2011. Today, it has grown into a movement with millions of participants from 150 countries worldwide!  This nonprofit foundation is all about challenging yourself to go plastic-free for the entire month of July. We like to think of it as a month-long diet for your plastic consumption.


“The Plastic Free July campaign raises awareness of our growing plastic waste problem and supports behavior change by helping people to avoid single-use (disposable) plastic. But it’s not just about changing our own behavior, we want to scale our impact by sharing solutions and be part of a wider movement for change.  Community groups, businesses, schools and other organizations can also participate in Plastic Free July – get started with our handy toolbox of resources.”Plastic Free July


Will you take the  #PlasticFree challenge for the entire month of July?

When thinking about going 100% plastic free, my head starts to spin. What about my toothpaste? My favorite takeout food? Don’t even mention not being able to drink iced coffee through a straw. Plastic plays a huge role in most of our daily lives. And that is exactly what this challenge is about! Recognizing our dependence on plastic is the first step, and then taking the steps (even if little or small!) to sacrifice the convenience of plastic products to help the health of our planet.


Remember it is a challenge, not a competition. The challenge is intended to make you think about all the single-use plastic you consume every day. Whatever you can cut out is a job well done!” Plastic Free July


Here are few tips to get your business involved in Plastic Free July!

  1. Conduct a bin audit:

See just how much plastic your office has been making for a week. After a week, instate a plastic-free challenge and compare the before and after!

      2. Invest in a water refilling station:

Instead of providing your employees with a vending machine full of plastic bottles and sugary drinks, get a water refilling station like FloWater for your office!

      3. Start a coffee cup library:

Let’s be honest, coffee is one of the first ingredients to productivity. Your employees probably make many coffee runs throughout the day, and are using disposable coffee cups. Start a library of to-go coffee cups so there is never an excuse to use a disposable one!


Keep an eye out for more of out plastic-free tips throughout the month of July!