Make the Most of Thanksgiving With These Hydration Tips

Make the Most of Thanksgiving With These Hydration Tips

If you could do one super simple thing that could help you lose weight, avoid holiday hangovers, have glowing skin, and make you feel more energetic, you’d do it…right?

Proper hydration can give you all of the above and more! It might just be your key to surviving this holiday season.


  • Boost your metabolism:

Go ahead and grab that second slice of pumpkin pie! Drinking water can actually boost your bodies ability to burn fat. A recent study found that drinking water can increase your bodies metabolism by up to 30%. Take it even further by drinking cold water to burn more calories.


  • Drink water before eating:

Drinking water before you eat can make you feel more full, helping you to avoid overeating. By drinking a few glasses of water before your meal, you can cut your portion size and feel just as full! This habit can have long term benefits, and help you to actually lose weight over time.  Hydration also is a very important factor for proper digestion. Water nourishes the digestive system, making sure you get the necessary nutrients from your food.


  • Drink water instead of a nightcap:

You will thank yourself the next morning when you wake up with a clear mind and no sign of a headache. It is recommended to alternate a glass of water with each alcoholic beverage, but just drinking a large glass of water before bed after a night of drinking can make a significant difference in how you feel the next day.


  • Boost your immune system:

With lots of travel during the holidays, getting sick is almost inevitable if you don’t take the right precautions. There is a good reason doctors tell you to drink plenty of fluids when you are sick. Hydration can help you get over a cold more quickly and also avoid getting sick in the first place. Water helps to carry oxygen to your cells, and also works in removing toxins from the body. When you drink more water, the oxygen ensures properly functioning systems and helps toxins from building up. Drinking FloWater can give you added benefits because of its alkaline properties. Alkaline water can boost your immune system by neutralizing the acidity in your body. It also has ultra hydrating properties when compared to normal water.