Have a Green Christmas with These Sustainable Tips

Have a Green Christmas with These Sustainable Tips

The holiday season is a time of joy, meaningful traditions, and vibrant celebrations. But unfortunately, a huge amount of waste and excess sometimes seems to follow the season of giving. According to the EPA, American households generate an additional 100 millions tons of household waste between Thanksgiving and New Years.


But just because you are keeping the environment in mind, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on your holiday traditions. Together we can take small steps to make a big change. That is why we wanted to share our favorite sustainable tips that will help you keep the environment in mind this holiday season!


Forget blue, and white… We’re dreaming of a Green Christmas!

Shop Local. Shop Small.

Shopping at local small businesses not only puts money back into your local community but is also way more sustainable than ordering online. Ordering online is convenient, but often comes with loads of unnecessary packaging. You can also typically find more unique and personal gifts when shopping from your local retailer!

Reusable Wrapping Paper

One of our favorite tips is investing in reusable wrapping for your gifts. Not only is this a great eco-friendly option, it also is a two in one gift! These knot wraps are a super cute and festive option but can also be used year round!  If you can’t find a good reusable option, make sure to recycle and paper and boxes that you do have.


Food Waste

Food waste is another major issue during the holidays. Americans waste an average of 204 million pounds of turkey on Thanksgiving. If you are throwing a large party, make sure you have plenty of reusable Tupperware to send your guests home with leftovers.  If you guests don’t usually take leftovers, contact a food recovery program in advance, so your food will not go to waste and can help to feed people in need.


Oh, Christmas Tree…

Make sure to avoid fake trees all together! Though you may reuse it for years, it will still eventually end up in the landfill. Start a new tradition with your family by investing in a potted Christmas tree! You can order a potted Norfolk Pine, or even better, find one from your local farmer! This tradition is great because your family can watch your tree grow year after year without creating any waste.  



According to the Center for Global Development, U.S. holiday lights use up more electricity than some countries do in an entire year.  Make sure to have your lights on a timer, or only plug them in when necessary to help save energy. LED lights are a great energy efficient option and will save the environment and your money in the long run.