FloWater Case Studies: Lululemon Phoenix

FloWater Case Studies: Lululemon Phoenix

In corporate settings, a FloWater Refill Station can have a tremendous impact on employees overall health and wellness. Hydration has been proven to have a wide variety of health benefits. With 80% of Americans suffering from chronic dehydration, it’s important to provide your employees with a clean, sustainable, and easy way to access water!

FloWater recently deployed a unit in the employee office at the Lululemon store in Phoenix. The results from their employees were so outstanding, we just had to share!

One of the major causes of dehydration is the consumption of beverages like soda, energy drinks, and coffee. Not only does dehydration have a major effect on things like your digestion and immune system, but it also plays a huge role in your productivity. When you have that mid-afternoon tiredness, it’s better to support proper brain function with water than that second cup of coffee. After placing FloWater in the Lululemon office, employees saw an 88.9% reduction in the consumption of soda, energy drinks, and coffee. That can be up to a $3,000/year cost savings!


Lululemon employees also saw a significant difference in their health including:


  • 76.5% reported having more energy
  • 44.1% felt less tired/fatigued
  • 50% felt more focus/more productive
  • 44.1% felt they were sleeping better at night

Not only are employees enjoying the wellness benefits of FloWater, but they are also excited about bringing sustainability into their workplace. FloWater has saved over 65 MILLION plastic water bottles from the landfill from the inception of the company. Now we’re on a mission to save 1 BILLION bottles by 2022!

With many new specialty bottled water brands emerging with alkaline and electrolyte enhanced water, more people are unfortunately reaching for plastic. FloWater’s 7x Advanced purification process removes 99% of impurities and enhances the water with electrolytes and trace minerals for alkalinity. FloWater truly is better than bottled water, without the bottle!


73% of Lululemon employees reported that they use their reusable bottle 4 or more times per week now that they have access to FloWater. Not only are they more inclined to use their reusable bottle, but  77.8% of employees reported that they no longer buy plastic bottled water!


In just three short months, the Lululemon store in Phoenix has saved 5,196 plastic bottles!