The healthiest water, free of impurities, alkaline enhanced, and delivered on demand


Electrolyte and mineral enhanced, and free of the impurities and toxins found in tap water and plastic bottles, FloWater helps create healthier lifestyles.



The Touchless Hydration Solution for your Gym

Ensure your staff, trainers, and members stay healthy and hydrated before, during, and after workouts with our safe and sanitary Gym Water Fountain Refill Stations. 

Request a quote today, and choose to safely hydrate your Gym for as little as $4 per day. Water bottle filling station Free Trials may be available!

Installation is possible in 10 days or less. Currently IN STOCK so request your quote today!

female athlete using FloWater gym water dispenser

FloWater’s filtered water is vital to a safe and sanitary Gym environment

In the COVID era, traditional water coolers and water fountains have been ‘turned off’ across the country based on CDC guidance. FloWater Water Refilling Stations utilize medical-grade technology with stainless steel to provide virus-free, bacteria-free, and germ-free safe drinking water while helping individuals keep up with their water intake. The hydration station releases perfectly chilled water through a recessed dispenser that eliminates cross-bottle contamination with a fully touchless experience that can replace the popular sports drink during exercise. This is accomplished by using a foot pedal to operate the touchless water dispenser which removes contamination that may come from hand operation. Staff, trainers, and members can safely access FloWater’s Purified Alkaline cold water with trace minerals and electrolytes with our gym water bottle filling stations to help keep their immune systems strong and staying hydrate by increasing fluid intake.

Whether you're an independent Gym or part of a brand chain, thousands of fitness centers have chose to hydrate with FloWater

safe and sanitary group hyrdation

A safe and sanitary group hydration option that can hydrate an entire gym which can help with muscle recovery for about $4 per day

boost gym member hydration

FloWater is proven to boost proper hydration, providing gym members with the added benefits of alkaline, minerals, and electrolytes. Meanwhile assisting with weight loss and preventing dehydration which can prevent muscle cramps.

easy installation


Why Fitness Clubs Are Raving About FloWater’s Gym Water Fountain

club pilates gym logo

“From the moment we started pre-sale promotions for Club Pilates West Omaha, we utilized FloWater as an amenity that wasn’t available at any other fitness studio in Omaha. We even did some social media posts using the hashtag #bestwaterinomaha in order to build some excitement and suspense around the studio opening with FloWater. Our members love it. Everybody knows to bring their water bottles!”

blink fitness gym logo

“Our members love FloWater, especially that it’s alkaline with minerals and electrolytes so it’s perfect post workout and doesnt add calories that sports drinks do. Now FloWater is touchless so you can fill up your reusable bottle without touching anything with your hands. FloWater has been a key part of reopening our Gym.”

nc fit gym logo

Jason Khalipa (owner/operator of NCFIT): “We’ve been using FloWater at our gyms for over six years. I love it, and our members love it!”


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