Encouraging Drinking Water in Schools


Encouraging Drinking Water in Schools

Drinking water is important for hydration and overall healthy lifestyles; this much we already know. How do schools in your local school districts encourage their students to drink more water if this is the case? The first and most obvious answer is to make it readily available. Make sure there are water supplies that are working at all times and meet the demands of students who are in a hurry when changing classes and heading to extracurricular activities. 

For years, schools have relied on drinking fountains as their sole source of free drinking water, which leaves a lot to be desired in terms of sanitization, water flow, and taste. Many older faucets don’t stream water well and can be challenging to maintain on an ongoing basis. Also, since the water isn’t filtered, the taste is often chemical or unpleasant and deters students from drinking it. If only there were another way. 

There is! Fortunately, offering the option of purified water on-demand through FloWater’s Water Refill Stations encourages them to drink more water. Students want what they need to stay healthy and also, what’s appealing to them, such as convenience and quality. To encourage drinking water in schools, here are some other ways to boost their benefits. 

Offer Reusable Water Bottles

When students start a new school year, they load up on supplies like book bags, computers, and tools they need for class. Reusable water bottles are also popular among kids going back to school, but not everyone may have one. Schools that offer reusable water bottles at enrollment can boost school pride by adding a logo or mascot to the swag and also give students what they need to stay hydrated. It’ll remind them to drink water between classes and continue the right habits at home. 

Start a Water Drinking Contest

It’s always good to have a goal and friendly competition to inspire positive results. To encourage drinking water at school daily, hold a classroom contest with a goal everyone must achieve as a team. While the terms of the contest most likely will have to follow the honor system, it still encourages everyone to be seen constantly drinking water. By setting a group goal with a prize at the end, it offers positive reinforcement for anyone who needs a reminder now and then. 

Host a Health Week 

Promote the benefits of drinking water through a specialized health week where students can learn about best practices for diet and exercise to help with their physical and mental health. While students may have a general idea of why water is good for them, they may not realize the side effects that can occur if they don’t drink enough of it. 

Dehydration can lead to problems. It can cause headaches, fatigue, and muscle cramps, all of which can limit active students and, ultimately, affect their performance in school and sports. It is essential for students to stay hydrated to participate in all elevated levels of their education. For younger children, it’s nice to help them learn the basics, and for older ones who may have learned it before, ongoing education never hurts. Teach and reminding students to stay hydrated can help them perform better on certain activities; such as taking a test, participating in sports, and staying focused in class. 

To create healthy habits, it takes consistency and tracked progress until it becomes cemented in the mind. Incorporating fun into any event can get people talking about and drinking more water.

Experiencing The FloWater Difference

It’s not enough to make fresh water available. Students need to know the benefits they’re receiving by drinking FloWater compared to other public water systems, and plastically packaged drinks. Especially when compared to other drink alternatives like sodas or sports drinks. Using a water cooler in school deserves attention to give students a thorough understanding of what makes this water so special.

Advanced Purification For a Clean, Crisp Taste

Drinking fountains have been used in private and public schools for decades and unfortunately, many of those systems haven’t been replaced or updated for years, if ever. The result is sediment, pollutants, and contaminants, making its way into the water that comes out of the spout. Depending on your city’s water system, this can cause the water undrinkable. 

The presence of lead has been an issue for many cities that have older pipes and systems. Toxins leach into the water, making it unsafe. In other instances, the water itself may be deemed passable but may not taste or smell pleasant, which leaves many wanting other options than what’s currently available. In fact, 87% of customers trust FloWater over water fountains.

Students can feel confident about the quality of water they’re drinking with FloWater water bottle filling stations for schools. FloWater changes tap water by processing it through seven advanced filters. The first three steps are focused specifically on removing up to 99% of solids, chemicals, pesticides, and other particles found in the tap. The remaining four steps help to improve the water by eliminating unpleasant odors and tastes and adding back important elements, including electrolytes (found in sports drinks and coconut water) and essential minerals. The result is great-tasting, purified water every time water is dispensed. 

Eco-Friendly Technology That Reduces Plastic Waste

Gen Z (the generation of people born between 1995 and 2015) is well-connected to what’s going on with the world around them. Part of their concerns includes the environment and how plastic waste is causing land overfills and ocean pollution for our marine life. As a result, they seek alternative options when it comes to drinking filtered water from plastic bottles, which has popular among previous generations. 

FloWater’s Water Refill Station eliminates the need for plastic bottles and reduces the amount of plastic waste on campus. By having the option of drinking purified water without the need for individual, one-use bottles, it fits in with the causes and type of lifestyle that many students follow today.

The refill station fits any size reusable water container and takes up little space, thanks to its slim and sleek design. It also has energy-saving features like LED lights and sleep mode to keep operating costs and energy use low. By factoring these benefits into the FloWater model, students can feel good about where their water comes from and know that it’s going to taste good too.

Convenient Replenishment to Accommodate Crowds

School halls are brimming with activity, especially when it’s time to switch classes. It can quickly get chaotic and crowded. These short breaks are when students have time to fill up their water bottles before the next class begins. However, they may not make the bell if they’re relying on the slow stream coming from a fountain faucet. 

FloWater’s rapid water dispenser solves this problem by filling up a large, 24-ounce container in under 10 seconds. It keeps the line moving and everyone in their seats by the time the next class starts. It’s also convenient because it’s built to handle a large capacity of people. The water station holds seven gallons of purified water ready to go at all times. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re the first or last person in line, you’ll still receive the same, crisp, chilled water as the people at the front. Every time water dispenses, the tanks are refilled automatically to ensure everyone gets the same drinking experience.

Largely Maintenance-Free Water Source

After the refill station is set up by FloWater’s certified technicians, there’s minimal maintenance required by school personnel. No more dealing with slow or broken faucets or separating plastic water bottles from the trash when this dispenser is the main source of water for the school. For the majority of customers, filter changes are only necessary once per year and are taken care of by service technicians. No more swapping out plastic water bottles at school, or waiting for the vending machine to restock with more plastic waste. The station runs perfectly fine on its own with barely any maintenance required.

The simple, one-touch button sends a steady stream of filtered water through the recessed nozzle, which means the container never has to touch where the water is coming from. The one-touch button helps to limit the number of germs and grime that normally lingers when using drinking fountains or standard water coolers. Additionally, the stainless steel tanks are sanitized without the use of chemicals, thanks to the activated oxygen used as part of the filtration process.

Give Students Water They Want When They Want It

The key to increasing the number of students who have access to clean drinking water in schools is dependent on two simple things: offering an innovative purified water solution and continue to promote the benefits of hydration through education and events. When you have both of these in play, it encourages students to drink more water.

Staying hydrated is one of the top pillars of good health, which is why it should be encouraged more in school since that’s where students spend the majority of their week.  Students that are properly hydrated feel and perform better at all levels. It helps them to concentrate, elevate their physical activity, and reduces the frequency of illness, among other benefits.

Installing hydration stations that dispense free, filtered water will help with increasing sustainability in schools. Without the need for plastic, students will instill good habits while they’re roaming the halls, which they’ll hopefully carry with them in their daily life at home and into their adult years. There’s no need to rely on faulty drinking fountains or beverages from plastic bottles when FloWater is readily available.