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Benefits of a Filtered Water Dispenser For Home

Staying hydrated is one of the keys to good health. Because of this, many people decide to install a filtered water dispenser in the home to make it more convenient for everyone to get their recommended daily intake. It eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles by transforming the home’s tap water into highly purified, great tasting water for everyday use. 

There are five main benefits of investing in a FloWater filtered water dispenser for home use. These include affordability, ease of use, built-in filtration, unlimited eco-friendly drinking water, and minimal maintenance. With shelter-in-place mandates in effect and a majority of people still working from home, it’s best to equip your household with a permanent water filtration system. Even as you slowly begin to resume normal day-to-day activities, it will still be an added value. 

Affordability When Budgeting for the Home

Investing in a filtered water dispenser for home use is an affordable option when you consider how much water you drink and need to cook in a day. Most people don’t trust or enjoy drinking water from the faucet and don’t want to rely on supplying single-use plastic bottles for the family. FloWater will soon offer two options to transform your tap water into delicious-tasting, purified water. 

The first available option is the In-Home Water Refill Station. The design is slim enough to fit in the kitchen, a home gym, or basement recreation area. Rather than paying for bottled water again and again or an expensive filtration system that requires regular maintenance or filter changes, why not reap the benefits of a refill station for your home? 

Pricing starts as low as $195 per month. For as much time as you’re spending at home, the cost is well worth it to serve you and your family. The refill station holds seven gallons of water at a time on-demand. It dispenses quickly and refills automatically. And, it’s always chilled to a perfect 42 degrees to maximize its crisp, refreshing taste. 

There’s high anticipation for the second home filtration option, the Flo Faucet. It follows the same concept as the refill station by filtering your tap water of 80+ known contaminants  with twice the flow rate of Brita or PUR water filters. It uses a five-stage micro carbon block filter process and is easy to install. 

Each of these options allow you to fill up with filtered water with ease without having to purchase bottled water for the whole family. Additionally, at-home hacks like infusing water with fruit or mint allow you to use what you have on hand and make what you drink more exciting and affordable.

Ease of Use Makes It Family-Friendly

The one-touch refill button makes the refill station easy for everyone to use. The sleek design is eye-catching for kids who’ll want to activate the dispenser themselves. Leave a step stool close by and get them in the habit of drinking more water as well. The recessed nozzle also prevents direct contact with the dispenser and the mouth of the water bottle.

The fill area fits any size of container, from a coffee mug to a gallon jug. And, every time pure water is dispensed, it auto-replenishes, which means no one has to be in charge of switching out a water jug or repurchasing a case of water bottles. Then, the addition of the foot pedal as a new design option makes the process even easier and contact-free. This helps to keep surfaces cleaner and prevent the spread of germs.

Installing a filtered water dispenser for home use makes it convenient for busy families who need to fill up on their way out the door. Whether you’re headed back to the office, to a school activity, or a road trip with the family, having purified water on hand whenever you need it is beneficial. 

Built-In Filtration Surpasses the Competition

The FloWater built-in filtration system takes tap water through seven advanced levels of water purification before being dispensed. As a top filtered water dispenser for home use, it’s hard to beat. It’s more effective than other water filtration systems on the market and results in delicious-tasting water. Each step is designed to improve the quality and taste of the water for everyone to enjoy. 

The first three stages of filtration remove up to 99 percent of all sediment, contaminants, chemicals, and pollutants normally found in the tap to result in healthier, cleaner and better tasting water for you and your family. This includes dirt, pesticides, bacteria, and an array of other components. It also removes any strange tastes and odors that may be lingering in the water source or pipes.

The next three stages focus on improving the water’s quality and taste. The advanced oxygen stage works as a natural self-sanitizer for the water tanks and system. By adding an extra molecule of oxygen to the water, it also helps to improve the taste.

In the fifth step, an alkaline enhancement adds a proprietary blend of ten trace minerals to the water to raise the pH level and neutralize acidity in the body. Acid buildup occurs from unbalanced diets, stress, and environmental impurities. This can eventually lead to muscle aches, stomach pain, and nausea, among other side effects. 

Electrolytes, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and sodium, are added in the sixth step, which help you to stay energized and hydrated. Each of these offer different health benefits without the added sugars and calories often found in other electrolyte-enhanced beverages. Finally, the water passes through a coconut carbon filter that uses real coconut husks to remove any final impurities and give the water its distinctive, delicious taste. 

Unlimited Eco-Friendly Drinking Water to Reduce Plastic Waste

Having a filtered water dispenser for home accessibility offers a sustainable solution that reduces the need for plastic use in the home. Buying plastic water bottles or plastic water jugs has been popular for years as an alternative to drinking tap water. However, the amount necessary to fulfill the water needs of a family quickly adds up. It’s likely you’ll go through several cases of bottled water in a month, some of which may go to recycling, but most will end up in the landfill. 

Plastic waste takes hundreds of years to decompose on its own. This largely contributes to landfill overflow with the majority of plastic waste ending up in the ocean. It contaminates the marine ecosystem and is harmful to the environment as it releases toxins into the air. With an at-home water filter, you eliminate the need for plastic and have unlimited purified, chilled water whenever you need it.

Aside from the amount of plastic waste it saves, the refill station has LED lights and an energy-saving sleep mode to lower your family’s carbon footprint and utility bill. 

Minimal Maintenance for Convenience

Once installed by a FloWater technician, there’s minimal work required on your end. It’s best to wipe down the front panels at least once a week, but other than that, the refill station is designed to work efficiently without any ongoing maintenance at all.

It’s designed with a powerful drain pump and built-in drain system, which means you don’t have to empty a drain tray or worry about standing water that can breed mold. Furthermore, the catchment tray helps to reduce build-up of dirt and grime to prevent a clogged drain. 

For chemical-free sanitization, the activated oxygen available in the fourth stage of the filtration process cleans the internal system and stainless steel tanks. Plus, most filters only need changed once a year. It’s nice to have a water system in place that doesn’t require a lot of attention or updates.

Keeping Your Family Hydrated with Fresh, Crisp Water

Having fresh, pure water on-demand comes in handy for busy families of all sizes. In addition to keeping everyone hydrated with their daily water intake, you can use the FloWater system when cooking, making coffee, and stocking up to take on trips or to activities. Drinking water versus grabbing a soda or sports drink may be a challenge, but the great taste of FloWater encourages everyone to skip the sugary drinks and drink more H20. 

In fact, customer research shows families who have a filtered water dispenser for home use are 76 percent more likely to drink water, 77 percent will use a refillable container, and 54 will reduce consumption of other beverages. This helps to create healthier habits in the home one glass of water at a time. With limited accessibility to public vending machines and water fountains, you can ensure your family has clean water with them whenever they leave the house. 

The advantages of having a filtered water dispenser for home access is worth the investment. It provides an affordable, convenient, long-term solution that everyone can use. There’s no extra maintenance, clean up, or plastic waste involved. Now that you’re spending more time at home, there are conveniences needed for your space that you may not have considered before. 

Maintaining proper hydration is and will remain an important part of your daily life. Why not make it easier by getting a filtered water dispenser for your home?