10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Fitness Clients

10 Awesome Gift Ideas for Fitness Clients

There’s something inspiring that happens within the walls of a gym or fitness center. People come together for one common goal — to get healthy and maintain their wellness routines. 

If you’re looking to keep your gym clients buzzing with happiness, increase brand loyalty, and get continued business, it’s time to get gifting! These 10 gifts for clients range in price and offer a good variety of items and experiences.

From branded tee-shirts to brand new yoga mats, there’s something in this list for clients of all kinds. 

1. Free Classes

One of the best ways to get your clients coming back to the gym is to offer free classes. Whether you’re handing out a punch card with one class per month or offering their choice of a one-time yoga, spin, or boxing class, free classes encourage workouts and keep your customers happy. If you’re looking for gift ideas for fitness clients that don’t necessarily dip into your budget, this is a great way to go. As a bonus, getting clients into classes (as opposed to having them do solo workouts) builds a sense of community and is beneficial to the overall workout environment. 

2. Boxing Gloves

Whether you’re gearing up to give a guy or a gal a fitness gift, boxing gloves are an excellent choice. If you have clients that use your gloves or gloves from the gym, it might be time to kick things up with a brand new pair of their own. Although black and red gloves are popular, make things fun with a pair of tie-dye or metallic gloves. You can also customize gloves with a client’s name or initials. With a new pair of gloves, your client will be protected, safe, and ready to build their stamina. To determine the right size boxing gloves, try to get your client’s measurements beforehand or take notice of the gloves they currently use at the gym. 

3. Jump Ropes

Jump ropes are one of the most versatile gift ideas for fitness clients. They can be gifted to clients of all ages — from kids to seniors — and are completely portable. If clients enjoy having an off-day outside of the gym, jump ropes can easily be taken on a walk to the park or used in the backyard. Jump roping not only improves coordination, but it burns calories and helps with heart health. As kids, we jump rope because it’s fun, and the best part is, it’s a creative activity we can implement into our wellness routine forever. 

4. Foam Roller

Foam rolling is an excellent thing to encourage before and after a client’s exercise routine. Whether clients are using it for a warm-up or cool down, foam rolling comes with a whole bunch of benefits. It can relieve muscle tightness and inflammation and increase joints range of motion. Foam rollers vary in size, shape, and levels of firmness, so keep this in mind when you’re selecting a specific roller. Throw on your company logo and you have one of the best and simplest gift ideas for fitness clients

5. Yoga Mat 

There’s nothing quite like rolling out a brand new yoga mat before your sun salutations. If you want to make things personal for your client, customize the yoga mat with their name and a positive saying or affirmation. When you’re on the hunt for the yoga mat, make sure to look for eco-friendly options. Lots of yoga mats are made from plastic, though many companies are using a variety of earth-friendly materials — like natural tree rubber or jute fiber. If you’ve already gifted a yoga mat to your client, yoga towels that whisk away moisture and sweat are another great gift idea. 

6. Filtered Water Dispenser

Installing a filtered water dispenser is an eco-friendly gift that keeps on giving. Having a water refilling station for your clients eliminates an over-abundance of plastic water bottles in the trash and keeps them hydrated pre and post-workout. Our FloWater refill stations create a fun, fast, and clean user experience for clients. With water that is electrolyte and mineral enhanced and free of impurities and toxins found in tap water and plastic bottles, our refill station will help create a healthier lifestyle for your clients. 

7. Branded Tee Shirt

When people are hitting the gym, shirts are getting sweaty and thrown in the washing machine post-workout session. When it comes to exercising, it’s true that one can never have too many tee shirts. Give your clients the perfect gift of a branded tee-shirt, which will also help spread the word about your business. If you like the idea of branded tees, consider doing special seasonal tees — like a holiday tee shirt in the winter and a summer-inspired tank top in the summer. You can also go the route of branded sweatshirts, shorts or even socks. 

8. Water Bottle 

Gifting a reusable water bottle not only helps the environment, but it also keeps your clients hydrated both before and after their workouts. These days, there are tons of options available for reusable bottles — from BPA free plastic bottles to insulated stainless steel bottles. When you decide which exact bottle you’d like to gift to your clients, make sure to add your custom company logo (and fill it with some clean, filtered water). Like branded tees, promotional water bottles serve as advertising for your company, and something functional for your clients. 

9. Nutritious Treats

A collection of nutritious (sometimes homemade) treats is one of the most thoughtful and delicious gift ideas for fitness clients. Keep things simple with a selection of hand-crafted protein or energy bars or get more creative with a full treat basket. You can add dried fruit, nuts, individual portions of nut butter, seaweed snacks, protein powder, sunflower seeds and more. Instead of opting for snacks that need refrigeration, consider snacks that can be kept in the car and enjoyed before or after a workout for a boost of energy. If you have a killer recipe for a homemade and wholesome treat, feel free to throw in some hand-written recipe cards. This will give your thoughtful gift a personal flair and make your client feel loved and appreciated. 

10. Gym Bag

Too often we see people sauntered into the gym with old, threadbare (and very well-used) gym bags. One of the easiest, and most appreciated, gift ideas for fitness clients is a new gym bag. When selecting your gym bag gift, look for something positive and uplifting. This can be a whacky print like pups or pineapples, or a bag with a quote or saying. The idea is to give your clients a reason to feel motivated and excited when they pack their bag for that 6 am morning workout. Like a new pair of shoes before a run, a new gym bag will lift your clients’ spirits and get them ready for a good workout ahead. 

Benefits of Gift-Giving

  1. Gift-giving strengthens relationships and increases loyalty among clients and customers.
  2. From tie-dye boxing gloves to festive socks, gift-giving expresses the personality and voice of a brand.
  3. A thoughtful gift expresses appreciation and builds a positive client association. 
  4. Gifts offer incentives to customers and is a great way for you to increase gym membership sales.
  5. Gifting not only feels good to the receiver, but it will feel good to you as the giver, too. 
  6. Along with discounts and deals, occasional gifts can turn customers into lifelong clients.
  7. By adding logos to gifts, they become an easy form for something like Pilates promotion and advertising. 
  8. Although you might spend money on gifts, chances are you’ll see a good return on investment with increased loyalty and a steady customer base!

Whether you’re gifting clients a gym bag or a complimentary yoga class, these gifts let them know you care. As with all gift-giving, feel free to get creative and add in your own unique and creative flare. Let your gifts say something about you and speak to the special relationship you share with your client.

From gifting during the holiday season, to surprise once-a-season gifts, these gift ideas for fitness clients will boost brand loyalty and keep your gym members excited and ready for the many workouts ahead.

From all of us at FloWater, thank you for reading and good luck with your gift-giving. If you have any questions or would like to explore the option of a Flowater purification system, feel free to reach out to us today.

We’d love to help you hydrate your clients with the best-tasting, healthiest filtered water on the planet.